WSU Cougars News and Notes 5/19: APR (Cougs Safe), Pac-12 Championships, Mike Leach, and Happy Birthday Jack Thompson


Summer is looming, folks.  Camp fires are prevalent in the state parks, the sun is rising earlier, and Coug alumni are now taking the Wazzu attitude to rookie camps around the NFL.  In case you missed it, Rico Forbes has landed in Green Bay.  Could make things interesting with Wazzu classmate John Fullington arriving there last week.


Another earlier article from last week, we are going to have to learn to love Levis.   The Pac-12 Football Championship will forever be a home game for Stanford, regardless of the Cardinal’s participation.  On the bright side, neither Stanford nor Berkeley are known for over exuberant crowds, so that advantage may not really come into play, so to speak.

APR numbers have been released.  This little number, which could probably afford to be more confusing than it already is, determines penalties for not maintaining student athletes as such.  The Cougs are in the middle of the group, but have improved by 2 points rising to 944.  Oklahoma State is having their practice time decreased to raise study time, and (as stated here a few weeks back) Idaho and UNLV are not post season eligible, though that may not have mattered anyhow.

Worried about Leach departing?  Here is an outsider’s look at the situation. At least I hope he is an outsider, because some of the assertions are truly ridiculous.   Honestly, we don’t get the chance to hear what random bloggers have to say about us; it is important to know your opposition.


WSU has been known as a QB incubator for decades.  There was one man, one legend, that put the Palouse on the map for most of the country.  Happy Birthday, Jack Thompson, much is owed to you by Cougar fans world wide.


In case you aren’t watching (most of us aren’t), Aron Baynes (a seldom used, but effective tool for SA) is playing the role of avenger for Seattleites.  His role is likely not on the radar for the big man, but with Serge Ibaka out for OKC, the Spurs’ big men will find themselves in heavy rotation against a Thunder team that has proven weak against tall towers.  Have fun, root for Aron, but most of all, root against the usurpers.

Go Cogs!