Well, one thing happened yesterday in Cougar-Land, our beloved, esteemed, Strong Safety, ..."/> Well, one thing happened yesterday in Cougar-Land, our beloved, esteemed, Strong Safety, ..."/>

Your Wazzu Crimson Sunrise 5/9: Deone Bucannon Drafted #27 Overall


Well, one thing happened yesterday in Cougar-Land, our beloved, esteemed, Strong Safety, Deone Bucannon is moving South to the desert.  This is not ideal, as many of us have allegiances against the Sandy Birds, but it could be worse, he could have become a Santa Clara 49.   As mentioned yesterday, this was the first time since recently retired Marcus Trufant that a Coug was drafted in the first round.    Excitement abounded throughout the Wazzu twittersphere, overwhelming support and excitement for the departing warrior trickled down and a crimson aura surrounded the unbreaking smiles of Coug fans.

Josh threw up a collection of tweets last night, jubilent cougars reveling in Bucannon’s success. Trufant called Pullman DB-U, and appropriately so.   The crucible that is practice for a defensive back in Pullman allows for players like Deone to shine, shredding bad habits, and honing his skills and timing, eventually hearing his name called on a May Thursday Night from Radio City Music Hall.

Way to go Mr. Bucannon, 14 weeks a year we’ll be pulling for you.


So . . . yeah.  We’re all in a state of jubilation, happy, vindicated.  We weren’t alone last night among Pac-12 Programs, though. No Ducks, Dawgs, Trojans, Cardinal, etc.   A small representation from the Pac, but that will inevitably change starting tonight at 4 pm Pacific.

Arizona seems pretty happy with their new player.  Enjoy Mr. Bucannon, folks, the rest of the league certainly won’t.  BTW, #20 might be available depending on the flexibility of recently aquired RB Jonathan Dwyer who is currently assigned #20.  Dwyer has no connection to the number, nor has he played a down with it, so who knows?

A nice little piece focusing on numbers surrounding Bucannon.  The best part of this?  The last time Arizona drafted a S in the first round?  Omak High School graduate and Wazzu legend, Ken Greene.  Strange coincidence, or kismet?

I love the  quote in the middle of this piece, “He’s a humble kid who just loves to play the game and wants to learn from the best and we’ve got some good guys here to teach him and give him opportunities to knock the crap out of people in our division.”  Okay, seriously, if this is all you are hoping for from Bucannon, well, yes, that will absolutely happen.  My guess is that when Frank Gore steps into the open field for the first time in game three next season, Bucannon will introduce himself to Gore and to become a highlight favorite for fans around the world.


So Bucannon is joining the “Bird Gang”?  I got that right?  Mathieu, you’ve heard of the Legion of Boom, right?  We are in your division, and most of us have never heard of this gang.   Maybe the addition of Deone can change that legend in your own mind status, Card Secondary.

. . . and the winner for the, Oh, I’m an idiot and should have caught on to this guy earlier:


Congratulations to Deone and his family.  This is just another step in the journey.  We wish you’d landed in Seattle, or at least somewhere in the AFC, but the bitter sweet news is we get to watch you closely twice a year.  Four years on the Palouse, playing in relative anonymity, putting in the hours honing mind and body, and then suiting up and hitting with a rare joy.  Deone won’t snarl across the line,  but ever skill position will know that he could appear from nowhere, closing for a collision that will notch a place on Sportscenter and the DL.

Arizona, take care of Deone, he’ll take care of you.

Go Cougs!