Your Wazzu Crimson Sunrise 5/6: Mike Leach Times Two, Bill Moos’ Improvements, and a Playoff Primer


Growing up a Mariners fan was a wonderful method of training to support WSU, but as with the Cougs, when a run like the past ten games (8-2) where the only loses came on Fexlix Hernandez’ starts, appreciation is all the greater.   Moneyball may be a viable strategy in the eyes of the masses, but optimism for a team whose payroll is so top heavy that by removing the top two players, the M’s payroll would drop to last in MLB.

Still, waking up on May 6 with a .500 record is something that most M’s fans would accept and if someone tells you they predicted it, they are dishonest, sanguinely stupid, or both.  Enjoy today, for tomorrow things will be different.


Jim Rome is a pompous, disrespectful jackass, but Coach Leach appeared on his show yesterday, taking a break from recruiting to continue a book tour.    Hopefully his publisher is offsetting some of the WSU recruiting travel budget.

We all have some concern that CML will exit Pullman upon the smallest breath of success.  While talking with KJR last week, Leach assured us of his commitment to building, and was generally incredulous about the idea of leaving.  Here is a synopsis, but if you want to hear Softy’s smarmy purple voice and you have 10 minutes, this is the whole interview.

Moos has brought the WSU athletic department out from the 1990s.  Maybe a bit late, but improvements are rampant in Pullman.  Frankly, the idea that a full time nutritionist has only been on staff since 2011 is a bit appalling.

Last, are you confused about how the Playoffs will work next season?  Here is a concise explanation.  One thing that is clear:  The Pac is well represented.  Former Stanford and Washington coach Tyrone Willingham, Southern Cal AD Pat Haden, and Stanford graduate Condoleezza Rice will all be present.  Hopefully they will throw their impartiality out the door and give some love towards the West.


If you were paying attention, CML considers the WSU facilities the best in the Pac-12.  We’re a fortnight away from completion.  Great looking facility that gels nicely with the existing campus architecture.