As you all decide to pop the Pacifico and quaff the Hornito's tonight (let's ho..."/> As you all decide to pop the Pacifico and quaff the Hornito's tonight (let's ho..."/>

Your Wazzu Crimson Sunrise 5/5: Aron Baynes, Jim Brown, Football Answers, and Craig Robinson


As you all decide to pop the Pacifico and quaff the Hornito’s tonight (let’s hope y’all wait until tonight), try to consider what you are celebrating.  “Well, it is Mexican 4th of July, right?”  Ahhhh, no, sorry.  That would occur in September.  Cinco de Mayo celebrates victory over Napoleon III of France in the Battle of Puebla, 1862.   Not a major victory, really, but a reason to celebrate.  If you want to know more, well, here is Dr. E. Mark Moreno’s (WSU graduate, currently Professor of History at Texas-Commerce) dissertation,  “World At War: Mexican Identities, Insurgents, and the French”.

Nothing wrong with celebrating Mexican culture today, it is our annual opportunity to do so.  Nonetheless, it is poor taste to celebrate in ignorance.


A bit late, but a nice little piece exploring key football questions, from the Spokesman-Review.

Jim Brown is a notorious bad ass, both on and off the field.  When he speaks people listen.

On a late November evening, snow on the ground, campus still unpacking from the break, we found ourselves in the front row of the student section, just down from half-court.  The Cougs had not been ranked in the undergraduate’s lives, basketball games were played in an echoing Beasley, especially when playing a team like Portland.    Early in the second half (as I remember it), Aron Baynes threw down a dunk while screaming and collapsing his defender below him.  A foul was called, as the apoplectic Aussie straddled a terrified Pilot (we hope that the purple had something to do with Baynes reaction).  I turned my head approxamately 20 degrees to the left to see Tony Bennett’s laughter turn to feigned anger as the T was called.  Baynes was pulled from the floor and didn’t see the court again in the blowout.  Good times.  Also good to see Baynes in the Box last night against Dallas.

Look at the guts in Corvallis.  It takes some serious sand to fire the  President’s brother in law.


I know more than I would like about NASCAR.  That amount is extremely small, but I figure something more important could be lodged in those memory banks.

That being said, I think Talladega is a fairly prominent speedway.  Cheers to Marlene Navor for perpetuating the Coug Love  to a place that it surely will provide confusion  for many.