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Your Wazzu Crimson Sunrise 5/2: Pac-12 Coaches Demand Equality, Jake Heaps, and Mexico City?



The Pac-12 Coaches weigh in on their objection to the SEC’s new scheduling plan.  If nothing else, one has to love Coach Leach’s reaction.  Honestly, this sort of complaint has to be low on the priority list for the NCAA, but that has never stopped them from intervening before.

Remember when this kid faced Connor Halliday for the 4A state championship?  The rumors of his commitment Washington were strong, and we thought that would be a preview of Apple Cups to come.  If you ever find yourself doubting the validity of recruiting, take a look at the top 100 QBs from 2010.  You might remember a few names, but other than Cam Newton, this is a spartan group of signal callers.

Mexico City? Bill Moos feels that Seattle is an inconvenience, scheduling wise.  We can only hope that the Cougars can avoid that fate, but if no one else jumps in, I have a feeling WSU may take the fall for this folly.  If you aren’t geographically inclined, Mexico City is in the center of the country, so no beach will be calling to CML to offer up the Cougs as a sacrifice.

Ever wonder just how whiny Husky fans can get? Yeah, this is kind of embarrassing for the Montlake Pups.


Thanks to Philadelphia Eagle Travis Long for reminding us that we fly our Crimson wherever we may land.  Thanks to Kyle Erdman for rocking that Wazzu Pride in Hoosier Country.


While it is important to spread the Pac-12 Brand, how wise is it to put those efforts into a nation that hasn’t exactly embraced American Football.  This is not a recruiting boon, and would likely make recruiting difficult due to  travel requirements and recruit visits.    I love the Seattle game, I even think that Buffalo playing across the border is a good thing, but what good will an Oregon State vs. Colorado game at Estadio Azteca be?  The stadium holds 105,000, and if 1/4 of that was full for a Pac-12 game I would be impressed.

So go ahead, Larry Scott, start this tradition, just please, keep the Cougs out of it.