Your Wazzu Crimson Sunrise 5/1: Out of Conference Schedules through 2018, Jameis Winston Likes His Shellfish, and Andrew Furney Climbing the Board


With the mercury rising to the mid-80s today summer is upon us.  The wheat is still green on the palouse, and school is winding down.   It is may day, so either find a pole to dance around or march in support of workers everywhere.   Whatever you do, get out and sun your pasty face as summer will unofficially arrive today.


Wondering who the Cougs will play during their out of conference schedule for the next five years?  I have to declare a moratorium on  bashing other schools’ scheduling, because unless Boise is able to continue without Petersen, this is a group of dogs.

Jameis Winston  . . . well, if he gets caught with a hash pipe, he will have the Mike Leach trifecta, after getting caught stealing $32 worth of shellfish.  Not exactly grand theft, but the guy purportedly has a 4.0 average, so the million dollar arm and nickel head theory might not hold well.  He has time to turn his reputation around, but FSU needs to hire a PR team to work on this problem, if they care about their kids.

Rising stars in the draft?  A few guys are on the fringe, but as we have been predicting for some time . . . Andrew Furney is getting some national love.   We would prefer that they get his name correct, but glad to see the deserved attention.


Sometimes a picture can just make you smile.  Thanks to the winningist QB in WSU history (in terms of wins, not percentage, sorry Huskies, that is how you measure wins) for sharing the memories.  I often wonder if the Tacoma DB embraced #45 out of reverence for Seahawk great Ken Easley, but had to switch to 23 once the Hawks drafted him (45 having been retired).  I have never heard a satisfactory answer on this, any help from the gallery?


Jameis Winston made a mistake the other day.  It is absolutely plausible that he had a momentary lapse of whether he had paid, and the punishment seems proportionate to the crime, but due to previous problems, he has a much straighter bar to walk than other players throughout the country.

As Coug fans, we can only hope that our guys who have had problems in the past keep this in mind.  If they take Winston’s saga to heart, their lives and time in Pullman will be much easier.  A smart man learns from his mistakes, a wise one learns from others’ mistakes.