Your Wazzu Crimson Sunrise 4/30: A Former Duck is Whining, College Football Playoffs, Washington Sports Hall of Fame


So when the Yankees sign a player to an egregiously large contract it is capitalism and should be applauded;  when the Bronx gets outbid by a small market team fans rain down chants of “you sold out”?  I’m not sure the logic there, or if the irony was completely lost on the smattering of fans present last night, but, if there was any doubt left, this is why the NY Yankees are so universally hated, for the air of entitled hubris.

Speaking of which . . .


Oregon gets upset when you score on them, beat the spread, or, essentially lay down as they march over you (seeing Nick Aliotti working on TV now just makes me sick).  Chip Kelley, speaking as an Eagle now, says that Johnny Football broke his heartby switching his commitment from Oregon a few years back.  Oregon basically thinks they are Alabama in the West, nevermind the lack of national championships, and the idea that Manziel did not want to compete and possibly sit in Eugene is completely unbelievable to most Ducks.

Compelling quandaries are being addressed at the College Football Playoff meetings.  Mainly, we should just be happy that they are examining contingencies and avoiding effective home games for lower seeds.

Spring Football is complete.  Dream and speculate for the next four months.

The newest members of the Washington State Sports Hall of Fame: Keith Jackson and Jack


Hamza Abdullah often puts things into wonderful perspective in a concise manner.  This is the type of Alumnus that is all crimson, and speaks in a manner truly befitting a WSU graduate.  If you aren’t following Hamza on twitter yet . . . time to alter that.


If you thought that Adam Silver would bring the hammer like he did, your clairvoyance needs to be monetized.  The Donald Sterling saga is likely to continue, but precedent is established, holding owners to a higher standard is the law of the land.   This is as it should be.  The 30 owners in the NBA are reaping rewards far beyond what Sterling’s $12 million investment could have returned nearly anywhere else.    If they are going to give a code of conduct to their players, the owner’s accountability should be exponentially greater.

Bravo, National Basketball Association and Adam Silver.  I still won’t watch until a team is placed back in Seattle, but this was an impressive move.