Your Wazzu Crimson Sunrise 4/29: Spring Stats, Rivalry’s Guaranteed, and Bowl Bans



In case you wanted a more (not complete) comprehensive stat breakdown from the Spring Game, there you go.

I chastised the SEC for avoiding tough scheduling a few months back, I no longer have a case.  I also love that the traditional rivalries, post conference division, are being renewed.  I see no reason to adopt this in the Pac, but for the SEC, brilliant.

Two Leach era opponents will not be in a bowl next year, though neither would have made a bowl anyhow.  It isn’t so much that Idaho hasn’t been graduating their playersbut they haven’t been winning WHILE not graduating their players.  UNLV has their birth on that boat of the damned as well in 2014.


We don’t necessarily like to see class moves from Huskies, but thanks to Keith Price for recognizing the top player to come out of the state in the 2000s.  No Husky has lasted in the league longer than a decade since noted jackass Olin Kreutz (who always looked like the product of breeding siblings).


With all the Donald Sterling hype, contemplation of our national identity in relation to our original sin is beginning to boil to the top.  If you are a minority, and your family has been in the US for more than 50 years (migrant workers and natives obviously do not fall into this fold), you were brought here as cheap or free labor.   Africans, Chinese, Japanese, Irish, Italian, etc, were brought to the Americas to build, pick, and dig, making fortunes  for the men who lured or captured them.  Arrival often meant jobs that previously belonged to “natives” would go to the less expensive new arrivals.  The folk who lived there previously would be incensed, and the response (this was partially responsible for the Klan’s rise) was institutionalized racism.

Technology is making hiding this contempt more difficult.  I for one thank our media saturation for dragging these folks out into the light.   Another real estate mogul named Donald (Trump) spoke out yesterday basically saying that Sterling had lost it, and that he should have known he was being bated.  As I stated here yesterday, be careful of those who defend Sterling.  Trump did not lambaste Sterling for his comments, but chided the media for exploiting them.

Yesterday Lorenzo Romar, in an interview on KJR Seattle, warned that there are more media savvy people out there who agree with Sterling. I hate giving credit to two Huskies in one column, but it is worth a listen.

Those that Romar warns about should be brought to the light.  Marge Schott was forced by economics to sell the Cincinnati Reds after her racist comments decades ago, and Sterling will likely suffer the same fate (7 major advertisers pulled their dollars from the Clippers yesterday).   I could absolutely be wrong as a white man saying this, but I feel that getting racism in the open would be positive for our country.  I want to know exactly who these people are so I can avoid them.  I want them to expose themselves to the light like the roaches they are, because like roaches, if there is one, there are many.