A busy day in the Cougar Zeitgeist as  many compelling stories have emerged.  Spring fo..."/> A busy day in the Cougar Zeitgeist as  many compelling stories have emerged.  Spring fo..."/>

Your Wazzu Crimson Sunrise 4/24: Vince Mayle, Marcus Trufant’s Retirement, and Mike Leach Attacked from Lubbock


A busy day in the Cougar Zeitgeist as  many compelling stories have emerged.  Spring football is nearly complete, and while winds are whipping through Seattle, Pullman, and Spokane today, clear and cool seems to be the forecast for Saturday.  Good weather for tossing the ole ball around, with dead week lending itself to Spokane instead of studies, well, enjoy your last taste of Cougar Football until August in Seattle.


A nice, respectful piece  that adds national attention to two of the main cogs in the Cougar offense.

We will try to avoid promoting our own links, but Josh Davis put together a nice retrospective on Marcus Trufantthat deserves attention from those who may have missed it yesterday.

I have a friend who used to tell me that if you’re upsetting Texans, you are probably doing something right.  Four plus years removed from his post in Lubbock, Mike Leach is still in his former boss’ head.


Nothing jumped out at me in twitter-land yesterday.  I encourage all readers to send any great WSU twitter discoveries my way and we will feature them here!  Funny, informative, whatever, we just hope they are interesting.


We have been barraged recently with advertisements to purchase Husky Season tickets.  These ads announce that the UW now has the most winning coach in College Football.   While Petersen currently holds an .885 winning percentage, he is ranked just above Knute Rockney’s .881 winning percentage.  Now, it would not occur to me to measure career wins by percentage, and Petersen is not included on most lists due to lack of experience, but what the UW fails to remember is that in order to continue that winning percentage the Dawgs can not lose more than two games a year.

Petersen currently sits with 92 wins, one less than WSU legend OE Hollingberry, #173 on the all time list.  Never mind that his wins occurred in the WAC and MWC, not along Lake Washington, after the Huskies drop 6 games next fall, the ads touting “the winningist coach in college football” will disappear into the real of ridiculous from which they emerged.   UW, your fans are smarter than that, and annoying the rest of us just makes the Athletic Department appear obtuse and ignorant.