Your Wazzu Crimson Sunrise 4/23: Thursday Night Football and Mike Leach Measured


Rumors of Spring snow in Pullman have made their way through twitter to the West side, making us out here happy to deal with mild temperatures and rain.  Stay safe Pullman residents, and stay warm.


WSU’s Running Back battle may feature some previously quiet players.  A deceptively important cog in the system warrants examination.   With CML’s offense we will not see another Harrison or Mayes, but the savvy and smart guys taking the field next to Halliday will be required to possess a no less important skill set.

CML is measured against other coaches hired two seasons ago.  Leach has a more difficult road than many of the HC’s on this list, and is ahead of former luminaries Charlie Weis, Bob Davie and Norm Chow.  Confidence should be growing.

From the newest alumni kicker, a position that has seen at least one Wazzu representative in the NFL since 1992.


Though Mike Leach may be in the middle of his class’s pack, it would be folly to consider what has happened on the Palouse Gridiron anything but a success.  The Cougs had been floundering, not treading water, but drowning, since Mike Price made his ill advised move South.  Pulling a group of young men into a complicated scheme and demanding a code of conduct that was not enforced previously is a daunting task, and CML has moved forward in a manner that should make Cougar fans proud.  Last season even brought the first shut out in over a decade.

We can be proud of a man whose code will require a certain breed, a blend of cerebral prowess and integrity, along with the  physical gifts required to play in the Pac-12.  Leach is a fit, a pirate coach at the helm of a rogue program, and we should count ourselves lucky to have him.