We are going to commence with a new morning incorporating links, tweets and thoughts.   ..."/> We are going to commence with a new morning incorporating links, tweets and thoughts.   ..."/>

Your Wazzu Crimson Sunrise 4/22: Low Expectations, Seattle Game, and Letting Everyone Play


We are going to commence with a new morning incorporating links, tweets and thoughts.   We hope that this can be a quick place to stop to get your daily Coug fix.  Did you put on your favorite crimson dress shirt this morning and find yourself day dreaming about autumn Saturdays?  Good, we will provide 5-10 minutes of escape, where we are all wearing crimson and gray, and are of like mind.  Go Cougs!


A Pass Happy Pac-12 is examined by a normally astute Ted Miller.  While Halliday gets a single mention, neither he nor the receiving corps get their due.  Take this slight as you will, but I find myself with my hands behind my head, whistling, ruminating on young wide outs’ highlights, and knowing they will be veterans next season.  If anyone sleeps on Leach’s system, they will pay for that mistake.   Miller knows better than to forget about the Cougs, and the former Post-Intelligencer reporter will find himself remembering his error quickly as Rutgers brings their AAC (I’m not sure they count as Big Ten until they play a Big Ten game), futility to Seattle.

Depth, depth, depth.  A short piece looking at CML using the whole of his roster.  Spring is evaluation time, and Leach knows that a deep roster is the most effective way to win in the Pac-12 (just ask Lane Kiffin).

Moos may be keeping things home in the future.  Elimination of the Seattle game may  make sense for Moos, but for those of us on the West Side of the Mountains it seems short sighted.  Granted, out of conference games in Seattle have been largely lackluster opponents, but the trip from the Palouse to the concrete encrusted West was always a nice nod, letting those of us in Husky country know we are appreciated.

Speaking of Huskies, here are their new uniforms. Hideous things, and not just because of the purple.  The new oblong W, along with, well, look for yourself.


Our tweets of the day will always be WSU oriented, at least peripherally.  This on the other hand, for those of you in Pullman, go out and support Coug Baseball at Bailey-Brayton tonight.  The rain should have abated by first pitch tonight.


Spring football is enormous in Dixie .  Luckily NCAA regulations keep them from practicing with pads 300 days a year, and the Cougs will have the same practices as Bama, Texas, and more importantly, Rutgers.  If nothing else, record Saturday’s spring game (11 am, Pac-12 Network), fast forward through the parts you aren’t interested in, but the more support we give, the more coverage we will see on the Network come fall.