WSU Spring Football: WR Sebastian LaRue to Take On Position Change?


January 4, 2013; St. Petersburg, FL, USA; Team Nitro wide receiver Sebastian LaRue (1) during the first half at the Under Armour All-America high school Game at Tropicana Field. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington State Spring football session thus far (through eight practices) has been nothing less than eventful. It is exciting to see all the new faces being integrated into different places and we’ll begin to breakdown what’s happened so far this upcoming week, as well as keep you updated.

An interesting move was made Saturday by the Cougar coaching staff and it’s yet to be seen if the move was subtle or not, but Sebastian LaRue was moved to corner for a few plays on the day. Of course at the end of the practice session Mike Leach was asked about the move.

"Yeah we’re looking at him (LaRue) there. He seems to be excited about it."

Personally I don’t believe this is a full-time move, but the depth on offense at receiver is pretty tremendous at the moment, while the corner position is bare as bones. Considering the corners have struggled pretty significantly the past week or so and there’s just not very many of them over there, this is a move to get an explosive athlete into a position where he can make plays and contribute on a play-by-play basis instead of sitting around in a crowded corner.

In other words, LaRue is the type of athlete you have to get on the field and a few reps here and there just isn’t cutting it. This is what’s feeding into LaRue’s “excitement”, as we all know he wishes to play receiver and has the Gabe Marks quality of fitting into the role of either slot or outside, making him incredibly valuable to the offensive side for WSU.

One does have to consider the possibility that if LaRue can flourish over the next seven practices to end the Spring session on the island that he could become a serious candidate for playing time if his appeal to the NCAA for reinstatement in 2014 goes through. At the very least it will be something to keep an eye on if they feature him at CB during the Spring game.

Regardless of whether or not the appeal does in fact go though I think LaRue moves back to receiver when the Fall crop of CB’s that includes Kevin Griffin, Patrick Porter, Sulaiman Hameed and Deion Singleton arrive to fill out the current thin rotation.