WSU’s Ernie Kent Jabs Washington Huskies and Says DaVonte Lacy Is Best In Pac-12 at Spokane Event


Ernie Kent at his introductory press conference as Washington State University’s newest head coach

New Washington State head coach Ernie Kent already knows what it’s like to have a rivalry with the Washington Huskies, now it goes to the next level. At a meet-and-greet event in Spokane, he gave a rousing verdict for all the state to hear on the recruiting battle in Washington.

"Washington is a good program and Lorenzo is a good coach. There’s enough talent in the state for both schools and they are welcome to our second choices."

There’s no doubt Kent will endear himself to the entire Cougar faithful quickly, even those that are lukewarm on his hire, with comments like that. He brings an exciting brand of ball to the court and if he can back up the talk of going toe-to-toe with the Dawgs in recruiting their backyard, he will change that lukewarm perception into red-hot fandom.

No doubt Kent already thinks this team has something, more importantly someone, special on the floor that can back up such statements for him. He was raving about DaVonte Lacy’s ability and potential and had some high praise for the senior-to-be.

"Love his name, love his game. He deserves to have a great senior year. He’s capable of being the best player in the conference."

Kent also talked about what the Cougs are thinking about when it comes to one-and-done players for the future, the one-and-done policy and how shoe companies have helped him stay in the recruiting game in his four years out of coaching. For that and more from the intriguing coach’s Spokane speech, make sure to go HERE.