BIG FanSided Writing Opportunities on All Coug’d Up, Join the Team Today!


Hey there Washington State Cougar fans! FanSided has given us a voice on since 2012 and once again we’re looking to expand our team. There are plenty of opportunities to jump in on, so no matter how you want to write about Cougar sports, you can do it here with us!  Check out the opportunities below.

*All positions MUST generally be able to use proper English, grammar and punctuation.


Want to have a long-lasting voice in the WSU community? Apply to become our Co-Lead Editor here at All Coug’d Up! As an editor you’ll work alongside current editor Josh Davis to continue the growth of one of the best Cougar blogs in cyberspace!

At ACU we boast a diverse team of writers that specialize in creating daily, intriguing content that Coug fans everywhere can devour and appreciate. From intriguing rhetoric to recruiting news, all-day game coverage to Leach quotes, our everlasting Coug-support and our occasional knocks on the Dawgs, this is one of the best spots for Coug-talk, period.

REQUIREMENTS: This position will require a robust interest and knowledge of the English language, spelling and grammar proficiency are most important. You will also need to be a team-player, great communicator and most of all, an individual capable of self-critique, peer critique and ultimately creativity. You’ll be at the forefront of content management and keeping our blog current with that all-important Wazzu news that the fans need to know about! Other responsibilities available upon request.

This position is PAID! For more information email me at or to apply Click HERE!


Our social media manager is a fun position, set up for somebody who isn’t necessarily interested in writing articles but still wants to be a part of the WSU blogging community! We need to expand our social media presence and also give our fans more updates on everything WSU! This is where you come in.

You will be instrumental in bringing coverage and your best, quick-witted and educated opinions to the Coug-faithful, just like you do via your own twitter, facebook and any other social outlets you wish to use. We trust you’ll find a larger, hungrier audience for your voice than ever before!

Our manager will also help with links to pertinent Cougar news around the internet (more info on that after you apply or email). Be part of the team the way you already are, just get more recognition for it! Creativity is a must!

We will work fully with your availability. For more information email me at or to apply on FanSided Click HERE!


Mike Leach led the Cougars to their first bowl in a decade in 2013! That means Cougar football is hot right now and we need your opinions to keep Cougar Nation informed.

All we ask for in this position are your original thoughts and rhetoric on Cougar football, whenever you can give them (minimum one article per week).

For more information email me at or to apply on FanSided Click HERE!


We are looking for somebody who loves everything recruiting (football and/or basketball) and just generally can’t wait to talk about it! The stories, the prospects, the video, the commitments, the misses and everything in between.

If you devour recruiting at Washington State, we want your help giving Cougar fans the inside scoop on Coug recruits!

For more information email me at or to apply on FanSided Click HERE!


Want a broader voice on all things College football for Coug fans? Join our team as a college football blogger.

No need to be stuck in the box here, find interesting stories and give opinions on news from around the college football world on a weekly basis.

For more information email me at or to apply on FanSided Click HERE!

We want your voice to be heard here! All on-site positions will be using WordPress, so some knowledge of that program and/or an ability to learn the ropes with a little coaching will be necessary, as we are willing to train you if you are not familiar. It is fairly easy. We are excited to see your application to become the next great Cougar blogger!