WSU Football: Projecting Spring’s Reciever Two-Deeps


Everybody has their own version of projections for the Spring depth charts, this week ACU is bringing you ours for Washington State. Keeping in mind that Spring can be and normally is a very fluid situation, these are our thoughts on who will finish the Spring sessions on top of the two-deeps and why. 

Oct 5, 2013; Berkeley, CA, USA; Washington State Cougars receiver Vince Mayle (1) celebrates after scoring on a 35-yard touchdown reception as back judge John Jenkins signals for a touchdown against the California Golden Bears at Memorial Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Receiver is a position which Wazzu finds itself with an embarrassment of riches. The vast majority of catches and yards return next year, making the spring battle for touches an intriguing one.   The other factor is where will each player land in the X, Y, Z, H spectrum.  With honesty, I can say that Leach’s receiver placement choices often seem arbitrary or random, and I will not try to speculate who will be where with accuracy.  With that apology, let’s resume.

Spring Two-Deep

X Vince Mayle,  Dom Williams

Y River Cracraft, Rob Lewis

H Ricky Galvin, Kristoff Williams

Z, Gabe Marks, Isiah Myers

Along with Leach’s theory, the choices here are somewhat arbitrary.   These guys will shuffle with another dozen players during spring ball.  Someone’s untapped strengths may emerge pushing them from where they played last season, displacing another and so on.

This spring will be a crucible for the receiving corps, removing imperfections and discerning how much improvement each has made.   This will be the most noticeably interesting thing to watch this spring, who is running which route, when, from where, and how frequently.

What is most exciting here is that so many quality players will be pushing each other.  What will manifest is a tradition of “next man up” in Pullman.  These WRs can efficiently do most things we expect from that position.  While Mayle provides an enormous target, Galvin will emerge out of no where with ridiculous speed, but each will adeptly step into the opposite spot when needed.

Essentially, when you watch spring ball, look for effort from everyone, reckless abandon in their eyes.  Though the Cougs carry neither traditional Tight Ends nor Fullbacks, these are the players who will pick up that gauntlet, and they maintain the same attitude.  Leach will elevate those who play without fear, and who selflessness at a position that has defined me first.