WSU Cougars Football Signing Day Final: 5 Freshmen with Legit On Field Potential in 2014

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Signing day is great.  There is a lot of hype around each teams new players and maybe a lot of it is overdone.  This is a look at the 5 freshmen we think will have an impact on the field 2013.  This is purely opinion so feel free to list your 5 top prospects in the comments!

1) Squally Canada

Squally Canada Twitter photo

First off, you gotta love the name.  This running back out of Milpitas ,Calif., is already being compared to Marshawn Lynch when you talk about running style and his ability to run people over.

Canada will definitely add a much needed element to the Cougars rushing attack and I believe with his strength and speed he will make an impact early on in the 2014 season in both the running game and even perhaps the return game.