WSU Cougars Football Signing Day Final: 2014 Class Still Had a “Decommited” Tone to It


We find ourselves excited throughout the season with the understanding that nothing is in stone quite yet.  We are sure (with an asterisks) that so and so will be wearing crimson next fall.  Unfortunately, many of the perspective signees never reach campus.  This past recruiting season was rife with this problem.  The Cougs lost out on around 10 players that had agreed to attend WSU, but something changed.  The world of football is the better for these occurrences.

The list of decommits can be found HERE, but we will speak of the recruits in general terms, they are 18 year olds, after all,  and we don’t need to throw them under the bus.

The solace exists  in this, Cougar fans:  These were not our guys, and whether Leach made the decision or the player did, we are a superior squad for it.  Some made poor choices on visits or otherwise, causing CML to rethink their offers.  This may be addition by subtraction in advance.

Other situations where commitments were lost involved what WSU was able to promise them.  Whether academic constraints emerged, or a position dilemma reared its head, these players are going where they belong.

The last group may have been the most detrimental had they joined the team in Pullman:  The flip floppers.  These are the players who just couldn’t pull the trigger, couldn’t decide that they wanted to buy into Washington State Football.  If they made a last minute decision and departed to another school, fine, we need the resolute, the grounded, not the flighty.
Go Cougs!