3-Star CB Patrick Porter Signs With Washington State Cougars on Signing Day


The Cougar Secondary is in desperate need.  They are returning 2 Ints from 2013 and both belong to Daquawn Brown. Early need is probably most apparent here.  Taylor Taliulu is the top returner in the secondary, but heir apparent David Bucannon has fraternal shoes to fill, and may lend his soft voice to devastating hits.

Patrick Porter, traveling to Pullman from Paul. W. Bryant High School (whose mascot somehow is not the Bears), could step in early. Small by any standard Porter has decided to take up the  advice of Horace Greely: “Go West, Young Man.”

Coug fans should rejoice.  Stalwarts like Miami, Ole Miss, and Kansas State have been rejected, upstarts like Minnesota and Cincinnati are kicking themselves as Patrick’s speed and ball hawking ability may put the Cougs in an enviable future position with two kids from extraordinarily different backgrounds line up at CB. The dynamic between rural Alabama and Watts may make for a fun time between Daquawn and Patrick for the next three years.

Alabama’s passing on Porter nor his two star rating on Scout should not dishearten the Palouse faithful, he’s got a chip on his shoulder w/out a major in-state offer. He is a Cougar in the most realistic sense of the word and has a 3-star bump at Rivals, 247 and ESPN.