3-Star CB Kevin Griffin Signs With Washington State Cougars on Signing Day


The Cougar Secondary is in desperate need.  They are returning 2 Ints from 2013 and both belong to Daquawn Brown. Early need is probably most apparent here.  Taylor Taliulu is the top returner in the secondary, but heir apparent David Bucannon has fraternal shoes to fill, and may lend his soft voice to devastating hits.

Montana, Portland State, and Pullman.  These are the offers Kevin Griffin was contemplating leading to signing day. Well Coug Fans, remember that we saw a QB out of Eugene with offers to (not the same) Boise State, (exactly the same) Idaho and PDX State a decade ago that turned into Alex Brink.

Kevin will inevitably turn into, at the very least, a special teams superstar.  He’s got the speed, the hitting (trust me, the Griz don’t recruit DBs who can’t hit), and the talent to turn his trip North into something special. We need DBs now, and Kevin could easily step in early.

Steve Tasker made a name for himself on ST, I’m thinking that Griffin can do more. Also, Kevin comes from a training ground of note, as De La Salle HS has produced: Maurice Jones-Drew, Amani toomer, Kevin Simon, and DJ Williams, among others. Great school for the Cougs to utilize as a pipeline.