WSU Football Recruiting: Miguel Machado Opts to Flip to Purdue Boilermakers


Top 2014 junior college offensive tackle prospect Miguel Machado is no longer a Cougar.

Machado was going to have a chance… (a CHANCE) to go to WSU and be a starting offensive tackle for the Air-Raid attack of Mike Leach, but couldn’t pass up what is almost a sure thing in starting at Purdue. The Boilers were in serious need of a starter there and they look to have gotten one.

For Washington State, the move doesn’t come as a complete surprise as Machado has been on the fence for a while now. This move also isn’t necessarily a bad thing for the Cougs, who now open up a spot for 3-star OLB Xavier Ulutu and/or 4-star OT/DE Kaleb McGary. Ulutu has WSU in his top two and is taking his final trip to Fresno State (his other top school) this weekend. McGary has WSU in his top three along with the Huskies and Wisconsin.

As far as the offensive line goes, if McGary signs, the Cougs lose practically nothing. If he doesn’t they lost out a little bit, but still should have the hosses to recover easily. The thing Machado would have brought to the offensive line immediately is a little bit more experience, but 2013 JC transfers Devonte McClain and Jacob Seydel are still itching to claim a spot in the rotation and bring their own amount of extra reps to the table.