WSU Football Recruiting: Cougars Add Six Early Spring Enrollments to Roster


May 18, 2013: Sean Krepsz at the Nike Football Training Camp at Laney College in Oakland, CA. Photo by Tom Hauck.

Mike Leach and his staff have done a bang-up job recruiting this season, again. The hard work in recruiting isn’t yet done and generally all pays off in the Fall but the most important part of development for any football program is actually in the Spring and Summer months before the grinding two-a-days of August.

To that point, adding extra bodies for the Spring can be imperative to the development of any program and the Cougars have added six early developers to their roster for the 2014 season. The sextuplets include RB/WR Calvin Green, OL Sean Krepsz, CB Markell Sanders, CB Marcellus Pippins, ATH Nick Begg and OLB Dylan Hanser.

I guess technically, four of the six are late additions as grayshirts, but the process is the same. Green and Krepsz finished their high school career a semester early, while the others were 2013 recruits that the Cougars asked to enroll a semester late. In the case of Begg, Arizona State had asked him to do this but Leach found a unique product that has a chance to grow into a couple different positions.

In the case of Sanders, both he and the Cougars agreed it might be good for him to fully recover from a high school shoulder injury. And for Pippins and Hanser, an extra semester of development may have been the idea, along with extending their careers to allow for full potential. Another potential issue for these three commits may have been an extra semester to clean up some loose ends in their academics. Many times that can play a factor in if a prospect can come in right away but we don’t know if that’s the case here or not.

The rest of this week we will break these guys down a lot more, including our thoughts on what they bring to the table for Wazzu this upcoming season. Stay tuned!

Go Cougs!