WSU Football Recruiting: Will Griffin Get Back On the Cougar Train?


The Washington State Cougar coaching staff is in full-court press mode on Marcus Griffin and it’s anybody’s guess as to how much that is playing into his decision to rejoin the 2014 recruiting class as one of its’ top rated recruits.

Griffin’s been everywhere on the scale during his recruitment, as far as his commitment status goes. Of course he was committed for a few months to Wazzu, sporting and supporting all things Crimson, but as his popularity grew so did his wish to be part of the whole process again. He finally decommitted and has just been taking it all in. Still, Washington State keeps contacting him and he continues to contact back, putting the Cougs in his top 3 at this point.

California is also up there for Griffin, along with a new team, Mississippi State after they offered just days ago. Griffin got plenty of fanfare on twitter from MSU verbals and fans, but an interesting comment was made by 2015 Cougar 4-star commit Thomas Toki, a fellow defensive lineman from nearby Kirkland, WA.

You can draw your own conclusion to that twitter statement. Interestingly, though he is notorious for retweeting things like this, the comment was NOT retweeted by Griffin. He and Toki keep in constant contact on Twitter. He did however retweet the tweet below.

It really all means little until Griffin commits (again) and many will argue until the ink is dried on Feb. 5th. There is also an interesting theory circulating among WSU recruiting fanatics that he has been waiting for an offer from a few teams who may like him but don’t have spots available, leaving his choices more limited than perhaps he was hoping for or expecting. In that case has WSU become a fallback option? That’s a popular theory and some get upset it. My only answer is in the form of another question, does it matter… at all?

The fact that the Cougs are in the discussion at all with these 4-star kids (especially in-state and winning several overall now, at least initially) is a GIGANTIC step towards competing for Pac-12 titles year to year. Also, while Griffin started the ball rolling for this recruiting class, the way it’s setting up the ball may roll back to him in the end. The fact that he ended up jumping off the train and the Cougars continued to pull in some stellar talent is a testament to just how much the recruiting coaches are on their game. It’s never about one guy right? Leach says this is his best recruiting staff ever and it’s very evident that they’re showing their worth.

If you read into that first tweet, it looks like Toki might know a little something we don’t, which would be fantastic. However Griffin continues to point out his desire to commit (again, again) only when he feels the time is right and he still has interesting visits coming up.

So after all that, the answer is; We don’t know, but we’re hoping we got a hint from the ultra-credible source of Twitter! Ok, ok, so Twitter… maybe not the most credible stuff.

Go Cougs!