WSU Football Recruiting: New Ratings Boost Cougar Class Overall


After the recruits came in over the last week, that Cougars’ ratings put WSU in the high 50’s for national ranking. After an update, the Cougs now sit at #46 overall, which is good for seventh in the conference.

What were the most important bumps and bruises? Let’s take a look.

  • QB Peyton Bender, OLB Greg Hoyd, WR’s Zaire Andre and Calvin Green, and OT Sean Krepsz took small steps back in their rankings.
  • CB Kevin Griffin received a significant bump, jumping 18 spots from #70 to #52.
  • DT Ngala Tapa finally rang in at #50 and 3 stars, after previously being unranked with just 2 stars.
  • Undersized OT Andre Dillard received 2 stars but stayed unranked, as did fellow tackle Brandon Evers.
  • Newer recruit DE Kingston Fernandez finally ranks in at #151 overall and 3 stars.
  • RB Squally Canada bumped up one spot to #55 overall.
  • Perhaps the biggest bump is OLB Frank Luvu, who made the jump from #185 to #66 and gained a star in the process.
  • Chandler Leniu made a nice jump as well at MLB, he bumped from #18 to #12 overall, with an additional 4th star.

So far, so solid. We are still wary of LB Chandler Leniu as he may be looking into California pretty heavily. That would be a huge blow if he were to flip, but for now this class is looking beyond really good. In fact the combo of Luvu and Leniu (if the coaches can keep these two on board) would be quite the tandem. The Cougars have 19 commits and 22 overall with 3 “grayshirts” coming in the Spring.

To see the full list you can always go to our front page link, Football>The Leach Effect (Verbal Commitments 2014).