Happy holiday season everyone! For those of you in Pullman, I’m sure the sub-degree we..."/> Happy holiday season everyone! For those of you in Pullman, I’m sure the sub-degree we..."/>

WSU Athletics 3 Cups: Cougar Spirit in the Winter Season


Happy holiday season everyone! For those of you in Pullman, I’m sure the sub-degree weather is getting you into the winter spirit. I recently hopped over to the store to get a variety of things to help protect my car from all the ice and snow, and added a few sweaters to my wardrobe to keep warm during these chilly days.

Turning up the heat in Pullman is WSU volleyball. Their improvement throughout the season is undeniable.

Kyra Holt, Emmy Allen, and Hailey Bethune received All Pac-12 Honors, announced Tuesday, according to wsucougars.com.

These awards ring true to the direction this team is working towards. Holt has been a go-to player for the team all season, and being a freshman has gotten great experience in game-play. She was awarded a place on All-Pac-12 honorable mention and the All-Pac-12 freshman team. Holt is a freshman from Hercules, CA.

Bethune was a player that stood out to me at the beginning of the season for her strong swing. Watching her in hitting warm-ups, it was apparent that she had strong technique and potential to be a strong asset for the team and their success. Later in the season she got more and more playing time, and against UW was the starting right side hitter. Allen, a strong freshman hitter from Mill Creek, Wash., was also selected for the All-Pac-12 Honorable Mention team.

The team’s game against UW Saturday, in Seattle, put the Cougs at a loss in three sets but was not without a battle. The Cougs were neck-and-neck with the Huskies during the first and second set, but fell by four in both. The third set, the Huskies dominated with strong momentum and finished the game, 25-14. Even though it was a loss, it was evident that the Cougars are improving and have a drive to compete with even the best of the best. This season, UW is the best of the best in the Pac-12 volleyball world, earning the title of Pac-12 Champions and a season of 18-2.

The volleyball team isn’t the only team making a presence in the Pac-12. Today is the big day for Cougar football, finding out if they’re going to a bowl and what bowl it will be. From my perspective, there is no doubt WSU is going to a bowl game this year. Between the numbers of fans Leach and his offense will bring into the mix, as well as the spirit WSU would have after not going to a bowl in ten years, WSU is not only bowl eligible but a prime candidate for it. From what I’ve read, it looks like New Mexico is where the Cougs will be heading, but we won’t know for sure until tomorrow.

For everyone traveling home this week after finals, please drive carefully. According to wsdot.wa.gov, Snoqualmie pass on I-90 looks clear up to Sunday, but be sure to check next week before heading back for the holidays. Some driving tips the website provided included driving at slower speeds, keeping headlights on and leave extra room in the vehicle in front of you. For more driving tips going over the pass, go to http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/winter/.

Have a great holiday season, and go Cougs!