WSU Cougars vs Washington Huskies Apple Cup 2013: 5 Things to Watch

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5: Uni-Watch

There is a fun factor to this for me, ever since Nike took over for WSU athletics. I know most people could give a rip about uniforms but I’m not one of em. Both teams present several options that look pretty amazing on a football field and I can’t wait to see how they rep this weekend.

Will the Cougs come out in all-gray and a crimson top like they did at Utah last year? That was pretty slick. Would they dare (finally) bust out the shadow gray on gray helmet or will they wait for a bowl game? After all Bill Moos did say the Cougs gotta earn it to wear that helmet, did he mean bowl eligible, bowl, something else? There’s the classic Crimson top and pants with white jersey that they wore at Auburn and USC… or gray jersey for the first time ever with that combo? I’m not sure that’s an option with the uni rules but WHOA if they could do it (come to think of it the road combo at Utah was close with crimson, gray, anthracite top to bottom). There’s also the pretty neapolitan ice cream combo they pulled out against Zona with the crimson tops, white jersey and anthracite pants. We haven’t done the all-white’s with gray helmet yet… The options are endless!

For Washington, there the option of traditional gold, chrome-gold, white or black helmets to go with black or the traditional purple combos underneath. Not as flashy or classy as WSU but options abound there more than ever.

*Disclaimer: While the combination of purple and gold brings out the hater in me and I absolutely loathe anything with a Washington logo on it outside of the football field (I mean EVERYTHING be ugly(!), I can’t say that I utterly hate the football uniforms that Nike has put together for the Dawgs. Maybe it’s because I watch them every week in the high hopes of seeing them lose or the fact that it’s the PERFECT polar opposite of Crimson and Gray (think about that for a minute, I don’t think there are any other sets of rivals that clash/compliment each other so well in color except maybe USC/UCLA) that has put me in the awkward position of kinda diggin’ their unis. (However I’m not sure how to explain it, cause I don’t, I REALLY DON’T, but…). Then my conflict goes away when I see that stupid, off-center “W”. Or when I see things such as the honorary mention below. 😀

Honorary Mention: UW at It’s Finest

What to watch: 1) Who wears what? 2) Did I miss something? Is WASHINTON the official new spelling at U-DUH!?