Pac-12 Power Rankings Week 14: “Rivalry Week” Style

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Nov. 23, 2012; Pullman, WA, USA; Washington State Cougars defensive tackle Steven Hoffart (94) holds up the Apple Cup after a game against Washington Huskies at Martin Stadium. The Cougars would go onto beat the Huskies by a final score of 31-28 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Last week’s rankings can be found here.

So you think you know the Pac-12? The state of Oregon is still shaking their heads after losing by a combined 111-43, to teams that had seemed dead in the water entering week 13.

Most teams can prove to be dangerous out here in the West. Sit on your laurels at your peril, because any of these teams can jump up to bite you. Even Cal lost to Arizona by only 5 a few weeks back. Anything can happen. Especially this week. Yes, we have the rivalries. The hated folks from across town, the Willamette Valley, or the state. Schedule your television viewing carefully this weekend because these are all going to be interesting.

We had an individual pull a tie in his rankings, making this the soccer version of the power rankings, with two ties that will be ironed out within two weeks, so don’t kill us for our ties in college football.

For the future, we should collectively push the Pac-12 to adopt what the USC/ UCLA game does: Both teams sporting their home colors. This could be a great unique part of West Coast ball, notching another national recognition point to keep us in the back of fans’ minds.

12. California – (6) (1-11, 0-9)

The schedule makers decided to allow Cal to gracefully wander into the night a week early. If you buy into recruiting, the last two years Cal has brought in the 23rd and 32nd ranked classes (according to Rivals). So if coaching improves, we could see something completely different. Cal opens the 2014 season with the same opponents as this season, with some preparation, outcomes could be different.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving at home, and your Christmas at home, the consolation prizes for an abysmal year.

11. Colorado – (12) (4-7, 1-7)

Can this really be called a rivalry? The growing pains of conference expansion bring us . . . The Rumble in the Rockies. Yeah, I had to look that up. Truly a created rivalry, but what are you going to do, other than in amoeba like fashion, move the Pac’s reach and hand pick four more teams from the Big 12 (“Daddy, why does the Big 12 have ten teams and the Big 10 has 12 teams?) Anyhow, this is a lame rivalry, and a game that if it were any other, they would be playing for pride. I doubt there is much animosity between the Buffs and the Utes.

10. Utah – (18) (4-7, 1-7)

Same record as their “rival” very different wins, however. Colorado missed Stanford, Utah missed Cal. Colorado played Colorado state and two FCS teams out of conference, Utah played whomever would take them, well, in the state of Utah. Utah gets to always remember 2013 with the victory over Stanford; Colorado gets to remember that they missed non-BCS upstart Fresno due to flooding. Time to rebuild, Utes.

9. Oregon State – (24) (6-5, 4-4)

We got to see the Beavs lie down in the middle of the Iditerod track Saturday. Pick yourselves up and head down the Willamette because your week was comparatively good. The Civil War will match up dismayed Ducks and Beavers. Oregon has the North’s #2 spot sewn up, but a BCS Bowl is not ridiculous to still hope for. The Beavers are still trying to avoid dropping to fifth. Unfortunately, six wins may not manifest in a Bowl, so this week is important. Coug fans, root for the Ducks, we may need this win.

8. Arizona – (30) (7-4, 4-4)

I think we can just ask the collective question: “What the hell was that?” Is Arizona that good? Is Oregon that Apathetic? Was it a full moon? The answer probably lies in Oregon’s apathy. That being said, even if you may have been in the right place, the right week, good on you, Wildcats, you probably just cost Pac-12 teams around half a million dollars each.

7. (tie) Washington –(39.5) (7-4, 4-4)

Ah, the Apple Cup. Washington is basking, confident, and comfortable. The fans are gassing up their boats for Friday afternoon, where turkey sandwiches will be the fare of day. If the Dawgs do not rekindle some fire this week, their world may come crashing down. Coach Sarkisian has never seemed like a Husky. Sure he wears his purple, and talks of his pride for his players, however the “W” is merely a stopping point for Sarkisian, and if this game goes poorly, the end may not be up to him.