This came up on the forums again, I love forums! An interesting discussion has broken ou..."/> This came up on the forums again, I love forums! An interesting discussion has broken ou..."/>

WSU Football: Talking Late Start Times


This came up on the forums again, I love forums! An interesting discussion has broken out about the late start times that we are now dealing with as a result of the Pac-12 tv contract. There seems to be a misconception that our AD, Bill Moos, is in charge of these times… nope.

Here’s a couple of the (uninformed) arguments against night contests.

"“Dear Bill Moos.  Quit it!  Quit blaming TV or the Conference.  Take your 3X5 card with your excuses on it and tear it up.  Other teams play on Saturday at 1 PM.  We’ve played several games, on the road, on decent days at decent times. Put your foot down and tell the powers that be that we’ve done our share.I have season tickets and my seats are bought and paid.  But I have serious doubts if I will be going to the game.  I don’t know how they could find a worse day and time for a game? I have a job and a family that will both suffer just for me to see a football game.  I shouldn’t be having to make this sort of decision. It should be Cougar Football Saturday, I should be tale-gating in daylight and getting home in time to tuck the kids in bed.I wonder if the only way Bill gets that message is when fans quit coming to the games?  I hate that it comes to that, but he doesn’t seem to be listening other wise.”"

"“We have the Rutgers game I Thursday in Seattle before the Labor Day weekend. We were supposed to only have two every 3 years. This makes 3 for 3. I blame our AD for this fiasco. we have not had a early game this year before 3pm. As a season ticket holder for 25 years plus and a from the west side.This is unacceptable and will not be attending the Seattle game wih thousands of others.”"

Now a couple informed arguments.

"These arguments are ridiculous! These games are scheduled in coordination with the Pac-12 and the Networks. Unless one of you wants to leave the Pac-12 or write a check for at least $12 to $15 million per year for the next 8 years then stop and start going to the games. Many of us are leaving Seattle on Thurs. a.m. and looking forward to Haloween in Pullman. Your arguments have no merit what so ever. The Pac-12 affiliation and the TV revenue far exceed us adjusting our schedules – tired or hearing about it and it’s not going to change!"

My personal favorite is next.

"Stop  complaining about the late starts. You cry babies , that’s all you do , if it’s not the perfect day , it’s to late for you, or it’s all way’s something to cry about. Grow up for crying out loud. My buddy is 85 and i am 75 we get home in the tri-cities at two-thirty in the morning after a 7-oclock start. We are not complaining about the lateness. We are just dam happy to have a WSU football team in a pac-12 atmosphere to go to, any day of the week ,and anytime. I say again stop your dam complaining. Get your butts in the seats and cheer on our team  of really dam good players who are trying to win enough games this year to get to a bowl. I know there are some one out there that the bowl isn’t a top tier bowl game."

And finally, my personal thoughts on the sitch.

"Again, not the AD’s fault. Blame who you want, but Bill has no say in time’s because it’s all done in accordance to the channels that pick us up and the time’s that make the most sense to show us.Honestly, 7 pm/7:30 pm isn’t that late folks. Those 5:30 “primetime” games from the Michigan’s, Penn State’s, Ohio State’s, FSU’s and Alabama’s…. Basically the entire SEC, B1G, ACC and even a lot of Big-12 games… Those are 8:30 starts at their stadiums. We’re not that bad off and Bill’s doing a helluva job getting our school seen.This is the way our University gets exposure people! You wanna be on ESPN 4-5 times a season and FoxSports1 another 4-5? I do! That can only help with recruiting and the bowl selection committees. You guys getting upset about the late starts are crazy and clearly don’t understand the logistics of building a program like ours. We’re kinda outta the way, if you haven’t noticed."

What are your thoughts on the night games and late starts for WSU. Like em? Hate em? Just remember when making your argument Moos has nothing to do with em.