WSU Football: Mike Leach Has Memo For Nick Allioti (Video)


Oct 19, 2013; Eugene, OR, USA; Oregon Ducks running back Byron Marshall (9) runs the ball in the second quarter against the Washington State Cougars at Autzen Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Oregon Ducks’ defensive coordinator Nick Allioti went off on Mike Leach, Connor Halliday and the rest of the Washington State Cougar football team after the game on Saturday night after the Ducks ripped the Cougs 62-38 at home.

"I’m (ticked) off that they scored those last two touchdown. I know you can’t print (ticked) off and I don’t really care if I’m a diplomat… I really don’t! All I care is that we win games and that the kids get better…But that’s total Bull**** that he (Leach) threw the ball at the end of the game like he did. You can print that, you can send it to him and he can comment too! I think it’s low class… to throw the ball against, basically our scout team."

Tell us how you really feel coach A!

Sunday, Mike Leach responded by text and you may notice a significant reduction in length.

"I don’t criticize other teams or coaches. I focus on coaching my team."

Ok awesome! Of course nobody asked this, but the proverbial question quickly becomes “if you did criticize them, what would that look like?” In this case probably something like this:

“yeah the 62 UO put up with their starters was all good though. We can’t play the whole game because you finally decided the game was in hand at 62 to 24? Should we play our scouts against yours so you can score 80? 90? 100? You’re right Nick, we were classless for playing the game to the end and scoring twice to cover your precious spread. Sorry we hurt your feelings by giving our kids some confidence, I’m sure if you ever go down 38 you’ll pull your starters so the other team can score the moral victory! HEY, maybe next year we can just play our 3rd stringers against each other all game.”

I’ll bet Leach started a similar text and then just decided it was too long.

Just kidding.

For more on head coach Mark Helfrich’s thoughts and quotes on the situation (and he does have some), go here.

Below is the full post game press conference with Allioti.