Welcome to the Brand New All Coug’d Up!


Welcome to all of our All Coug’d Up readers to the brand new ACU!

We are delighted to get up to date with the rest of the internet when it comes to sports news, especially that of your Washington State Cougars! We know you’ll be appreciative of the new way FanSided is helping us to experience Cougar blogging! Simply put, this was done for YOU, THE FAN!

Let’s talk about what you’re experience will look and feel like now that we’ve upgraded.

This is what we call FanSided 4.0.

It’s a major change but we feel it gives the site a sleeker, more modern look, with the goal in mind of becoming your number 1 source for Cougar news.

Again, the site was designed with you, the reader, in mind. Here’s some of the main features that you’ll want to check out.

  • We now have bigger feature areas to help make it easier for you find the ACU content you love.
  • We have also worked to get more WSU content in front of you than ever before! If you look on the left side of the page when you are on the main page and the right side of the page when you are inside a story, you will see other trending USC stories from around the FanSided Network. That means if Saturday BlitzBusting Brackets or FanSided.com has a new story on the Cougs up, you are probably going to see it on All Coug’d Up, right at your finger tips. With WSU not necessarily being a ‘big market’ team, it may be more relevant information from around the conference.
  • There is also a “Hot on the Web” section that we will try and keep updated with relevant info from other Cougar sites such as CF.C and Cougcenter so that you can get to more Cougar news when you’re done reading what we have to offer!
  • Another really cool aspect of the new site is that after you are done reading an article and leaving comments, all you need to do is scroll down and the front page stories are there for you to continue exploring. No more hitting the back button on your browser to check out that other story that looked interesting when you arrived. Just scroll down past the comments and keep checking out the rest of All Coug’d Up.
  • Finally, the page is now set up with infinite scroll. You can scroll down and keep getting content without having to click next and waiting forever for another page to load. This should help speed up your navigation around the site and help you find more content faster.

All Coug’d Up was revealed in March of 2012 and had been steadily growing, until July of this year when we took off as a site. We have added some fantastic writers to bring you the news you enjoy with a Fan’s take on it all!

Included in that group is our senior lead writer Lew Wright with the Cougar Sports Blog! CSB has become so popular over the years due to Lew’s dedication and commitment to serving Cougar nation with factual, intriguing information. We are proud to have Lew contributing to our site! If you’re just looking for Cougar Sports Blog material from Lew you can click on the “CSB” link at the top of the page to see all of his articles!

The rest of us will continue to pool together our talents as fan’s and writers to get you the information you need on a daily basis to stay connected to your Cougs!

Your opinions are important to us and Coug nation needs differing opinions! We all love spirited conversation about our Cougs and even though some will get a bit heated we want to hear your comments! The comments section is easier to access than ever before and we hope to hear your voice!

Thanks for your time reading about our updates, we really hope you enjoy the new site and GO COUGS!

Note: If you aren’t seeing the new site, you may need to clear your cache and/or cookies.