WSU Vs Cal GameDay Huddle: The Need To Beat The Golden Bears


This is big, really big. How can it be that our Cougs have lost to California for 8 straight years? We haven’t even lost to Stanford that many years in a row!

But it’s time to end that streak today, just like the USC streak ended 4 weeks ago now. 10 – 7 will not be the final score today, so the Cougs need to come out with some offensive firepower to start this game. As I said in my “5 things to watch” article, the Cougs should get the ball first and I think they need to drive it down and score immediately. Ohio State put 21 on this team in the first 6:00 of the football game. We can put a touch or two up.

Speaking of California though, I gotta say my new favorite show is The Drive on Pac-12 Networks! I watched the first 3 episodes this week and holy wow I got excited for football this week. And I have to be completely honest, that Cal team looks a whole lot like ours used to last season when it comes to off-the-field demeanor and all that stuff. There’s no doubt in my mind we should beat them today. There is a little doubt of by how much, but I’ll take any victory out of Cal that doesn’t start with the word “moral”.

Cougs NEED a win! If they can get it, Oregon State comes in next week to Pullman and could be facing a HUGE crowd at Martin on ESPNU or ESPN 2, not to mention a totally jacked up football team at 4-2.

Let’s go get one today Cougs!