Now that everyone is writing consistently again we can go back to our monthly awards for..."/> Now that everyone is writing consistently again we can go back to our monthly awards for..."/>

All Coug’d Up September Writing Awards


Now that everyone is writing consistently again we can go back to our monthly awards for our writers (of which there are three). Before we get to that we’d like to say THANK YOU TO YOU, THE READER for making this a terrific site to be a part of! September was another banner month for All Coug’d Up as we had a RECORD READERSHIP for the month and continued to pump out tremendous content from all of our writers on a daily basis. Let’s take a look at the winners.

Writer of the Month: Lew Wright

Our senior writer and Cougar Sports Blog representative Lew Wright had an outstanding month in the writer’s circle, producing 14 tremendous pieces, including four of our top ten in readership. My favorite piece from him this month was his analysis of Mike Leach and the team on media day following the USC win. Here’s a blurb:

"Leach is a coach who strives to approach each football season one game at a time. One week at a time. Typically he will pause to reflect on the results of his team’s performance on Monday, but then it’s on to the next opponent.More than half of his nearly half-hour media presser was filled with analysis of a hard fought 10-7 victory. The WSU head man was accommodating to say the very least."

We hope you continue to read and love Lew’s work here on

Article of the Month: George Means

George is practically brand new to the ACU team, but he’s not lacking for creative material. Six terrific reads came from this writer’s fingers in the month of September, all were impressive. The best piece was one that as a group we determined would be a great treat for Coug Nation on Mike Leach’s outburst late in the game against Idaho. George offered to take the piece (as he had taken part in discussing it in our Idaho Recap podcast), then delivered with this well thought out, informative and simply fun read. Here’s a blurb:

"Indeed, Mike Leach came to the support of Eric Oertel’s late hit penalty in the waning minutes of rival Idaho’s attempt to blemish the WSU defensive effort. Oertel’s (unwarranted) penalty cost the Cougs 5 yards (half the distance), and Oertel’s champion stepped in. Leach’s words were not broadcast, but the meaning came home to his defense “fine, give them another prayer, f*$! it, take another two and a half yards, they’ll still stop them.”"

Welcome to George and we hope you continue to read and love his work here on

Specialty Contributor of the Month: Caleb Davis

Caleb wins this award based on his work with highlights and podcasts. He has done several exclusive (and brilliant) highlight packages from games, including Auburn, USC and Southern Utah, as well as doing editing of all our podcasts and being a contributor every Sunday on our postgame podcasts. He also writes a fantastic weekly piece the day before each game, This Week, the Trend. You can read that article this week on Friday for the upcoming California game (which he also may be attending in Berkeley).

Thanks to all of our writers for their volunteer contributions as they bring the very best content to Coug Nation daily!

Go Cougs!