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All Coug’d Up Hiring Co-Editor and Female Staff Writer


Female Writer Wanted

Ladies, ladies! All Coug’d Up is looking for a female staff writer to expand the views and foresight of our team. Just like our team currently possesses, we’re looking for a woman (or two) that has at least decent general knowledge for Washington State athletics and a passion for writing about sports! (keep reading for application info).

Co-Editor Wanted

ACU is also looking for a co-editor to help run the site on a weekly basis. The site is still growing like gangbusters, just like the FanSided Network  and there is so much to cover in Washington State sports right now that it’s too much for one editor to handle!


Requirements for either position include a solid base in grammar, punctuation and just general English. We are looking for somebody who can and will grow a solid readership with great content, analysis and above all FANDOM for Washington State! We have Cougs of all ages on our team and we are all committed to bringing only the best information to Coug Nation on a daily basis!

If you’re interested in either position please email Jayrah33@gmail.com with information relating to your desired position and a 250-500 word “article” of your own relating to anything in Washington State sports.

Can’t wait to work with you!

Go Cougs!