What If Washington State Athletics Had to Change the “Cougars” Nickname?


Thought this would be a fun, light-hearted Sunday conversation for Cougar faithful after the late, emotionally draining game last night. Ran across a riveting article the other day on SB Nation, asking the question “What if every FBS team had to have a unique official team nickname?”

For reference, the article can be found HERE and I highly recommend the read. At the very least go to the “Cougars” section of teams and look at the reasoning for why they think WSU would not be the school to keep the name… I’ll wait.


No I’m not going to give it away…

Ok, lame right!? I mean really?

So let me first say that I think Washington State WOULD be the school that got to keep the name. I mean seriously, they’re going to throw away the best tradition in the entire Country in Ol’ Crimson? Are they going to take away what is easily the most unique and still recognizable symbol in college athletics? That’s not an exaggeration, it’s a fact! And the point of the article was to be unique right? Tell me, who else in the Country does this:

And besides that, WSU is now probably the school that will make the NCAA the most money in the future from the list of candidates. And Washington gets to keep their nickname, even though their official logo doesn’t have a husky anywhere on it while UCONN who’s logo IS a husky has to change?

Hmmmm. I smell something.

But ok, yeah, say BYU or Houston is picked for some pretentious, ridiculous reason as the school allowed to keep the nickname “Cougars”. What would you hope the new nickname becomes?

If you still didn’t read the piece, the author at SB Nation put that he thought the new nickname would/should become the “Cubs”. I personally think that’s a stupid name and have a better idea. Can you guess what it is?

If we can’t be the “Cougars”, how bout we just make the most natural switch of all?


It’s the ultimate transition and doesn’t mess with the ‘history’ or the ‘motif’ at all! We can keep the logo, don’t have to feel like little kids (I mean Moscow’s junior high nickname is the Cubs for lordy sake) and don’t have to feel gypped by the committee that made up the stupid rule in the first place (curse you NCAA(!) Wink, Wink)

But this is all hypothetical.

So if Wazzu did have to change it’s nickname, what would you hope it becomes? Tell us in the comments.

And oh yeah,