WSU Football GameDay Huddle: Time For The Card


Well after a week of full on bombing information about the Stanford Cardinal upon you, it’s pretty simple today isn’t it? I think we’re all finally looking forward to a raucous Century Link crowd firing up the cheers while the Dawgs fans wind down not too far away against Arizona. And what an interesting time for Cougar football, especially if at the end of the night they are 4-1 (2-0)!

Our Cougs have the chance to really put themselves back on the map. #25 USC was a start, but it takes stringing wins like these together (and especially a top 10 team that cannot be mistaken for “overrated”) to be taken seriously. I so want to be taken seriously again, I think all Coug fans do! We still might be, even if WSU were to lose tonight… but honestly let’s just go out and win and make it official that the Cougs are BACK!

Good thing there are a bunch of good games on today to get us through the waiting period. Sometimes you get a bunch of no-name games and it just seems like forever to get to 7:00. Hopefully the Seattle faithful fill up the CLINK tonight and make it more difficult than any other game these kids at Stanford have played in. I mean yeah, it’s a pipe-dream to think that it could be better than the Zoo in Autzen… BUT ESPN is in town, the Cougs figure to keep it close the entire game and WE ARE COUGS! Could happen!

Let’s go get ’em!