Pac-12 Week 5 Power Rankings From All Coug’d Up


Sep 14, 2013; Eugene, OR, USA; Oregon Ducks fans before the game against the Tennessee Volunteers at Autzen Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Conference play begins this week in full, and our opportunity to gauge where teams stand will manifest on Saturday afternoon. Gone is the time for shellacking inferior opponents, racking up wins for bowl eligibility, the time of true measure is neigh. Last Saturday was the one to spend with loved ones taking scenic drives and picking apples, this week we widow our wives and abandon families, because Pac-12 play is upon us. Stock up on food and beverage, turn off your phones, we finally get to see the family bring the pain to each other.

These rankings will be sorted out during the next few weeks, and the reality of the Haves and Have Nots around the Conference will be obvious.

1. Oregon

Breaking News . . . Oregon has broken out their prototype tie-dyed uniforms; hosting the folks from Berkeley this seemed like a good idea from Nike who have apparently eaten the brown acid.

2. Stanford

The Trees were not challenged until Shaw put the breaks on against Arizona State last week. Hopefully they do not mistake the visitors locker room at CenturyLink as an opportunity for revenge for last season. This will be a battle of defense, possibly hours of boredom, followed by seconds of terror for the visitors from Palo Alto.


UCLA has proven themselves. They are taking their second week off of the season. They will be game planning and resting, because mid-October looms large for the Bruins.

4. Washington

Sark proved to be an egalitarian leader last week, but he has not idea what to expect this week, with an oponent coming into Seattle without a true resume. The Dawgs could be exposed, or march through the Wildcats.

5. Arizona

The Wildcats have proven nothing. Games against Northern Arizona, UNLV, and Texas San Antonio garnered vicories, but did they prove a high ranking here? Apparently our voters thought so. Like Washington, they can prove themselves this week. Either Zona or the Sundodgers will plummet next week.

6. Washington State

The Coug’s annual pilgarmage to Seattle brings a divisional oponent for the third straight year. History is not on the WSU side here, but previous years had not produced success building to the game. WSU has a defense that is becoming elite, and Stanford gives a litmus test for the validity. Is WSU a 72% or a 98% pure defense? Stanford will illuminate us.

7. Arizona State

Arizona State’s classic futility on the road proved true once again performing against a lackluster crowd in Palo Alto. They are returning home for the Trojans. The fountain of youth is present for the Devils in Tempe, so they may find redemption, however . . .

8. USC

Kiffen is fighting for his job at this point. This ACU staff writer has said it before: Student body right, student body left. Run the ball, Kiffen. You do not have the passing game, you have Lee, but a all world WR without a QB is worthless. Southern Cal will reemerge. Come on, WSU and USC have the same record, and the fan reaction could not be more difference. Trojan fans, walk a few decades in our shoes, you’d probably hang yourselves.

9. Oregon State

Beavers, come on. SDSU? Really, you are from the Pac-12. Thanks for pulling that out for conference pride and ranking. That being said, do not improve too much in the next few weeks.

10. Utah

Transative Property dictates that you are better than Texas. Nineteen years out of twenty, that would be impressive. This is year twenty. Rest up, because your remaining schedule alludes that you have peaked for the season.

11. Cal

Well, the boys from Berkeley are looking to fight it out with Boulder for the bottom of the Pac. The schedule is not looking good. Dose the gatorade in Eugene if you want a win, but if you do, the rabid Ducks of Autzen will not allow you out of town whole.

12. Colorado

Buffs, you have become the Calcutta of the Pac in more ways then one. Corvallis is Pullman’s southern cousin, and we will pull for you Saturday, but this is your chance: if you don’t win Saturday, your next shot at a win is week 14.