College Football: Pac-12 Week Four Power Rankings


Sep 14, 2013; Lincoln, NE, USA; UCLA Bruins linebacker Taylor Lagace (28) puts his hand in the air after observing a moment of silence for UCLA receiver Nick Pasquale (not pictured) prior to the game against the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Pasquale was struck and killed by a car last Sunday. UCLA won 41-21. Mandatory Credit: Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Three weeks in Coug fans. Any of us who are sane, honest, or sober would have hoped for this record, toss up between a win in LA or Alabama. If you had predicted our boys at 1-2, I’ll assume you’re honest, if you predicted that Leach would have had a winning record thus far, we at ACU will applaud you’re optomism. However, if you thought we’d be sitting undefeated, well, you were, and are delusional.

The boys of the Crimson are doin’ just fine, and we should all be happy, celebrating, and wearing our colors everywhere we go (moreso than we normally do), for the forseeable future. Wear the WSU proudly to blackjack tables, beaches and to church. A crimson shirt goes smartly with charcoal pants, or the opposite. Either way, wear our colors proudly.


Willamette river floods? Something that renders Autzen mute would be appreciated by the rest of the Pac (probably in Tuscaloosa, as well.)


Listen, the boys in powder puff blue have a reason to play. Lincoln saw that on Saturday. Thank god they are off our schedule this year.


ASU will come out with something to prove moreso than if they had won ligitimately last week. The Trees did not prove much against Army, other than that a forest can march. If Stanford wins this week, they vault to the top of these rankings.


S(t)ankey is pretty good. The bastards from Seattle have to follow if the men ranking them on this poll are saying so, as well. Eat well on Thanksgiving, Cougars, the following day will require the carbs.

Arizona State

Your author does not agree with this rank. Wicsonsin fans now understand why we have been berating the Pac 10 (I am using that intentionally) officials for years. Listen, our officials have somehow utilized the Peter Principal to their fullest, and the national press threw ASU into the top 25 for it. We’ll take the Pac-12 win, we did not deserve it.


National press is putting us right here at sixth place as well. Our boys deserve it. If the D continues, Connor will catch up.


Tuscon has not proven anything yet. Maybe they will, maybe they won’t.


Coug fans, root for SC for the rest of the season. Hell, root for Auburn and SUU. Their success only gives credence to WSU. If you don’t understand this, please listen to our podcast from yesterday.

Oregon State

Beavs, great job in SLC, but that loss to Eastern Washington still stings in our hearts. Riley is a great coach, and could teach a recess monkey to play D, maybe they should start recruiting in Morocco.


Listen, you guys are new to our conference, so we will be nice. You stink, get your act together, and make yourselves look like the replacement for Texas that you became. In a related story, Texas lost to BYU nine days ago, you can prove your worth on Saturday.


Rest up, Boulder. A great city by any measure, take care. Way to step up to the food lines, props for taking care of the citizens. I would hope that our kids would do the same thing in Pullman if the Latah flooded. Class acts, all around.


Goff will be a problem for at least three years. You stood up the the biggest bunch of jerks to the East of Berkeley, but you still stink. Sorry boys, win a game, but you are at the bottom of a tough division in an even tougher conference.