WSU Football ACU Podcast Episode 4: Win at USC Trojans Recap


Welcome back Coug fans! We’re back with Episode for of the All Coug’d Up official podcast, recapping the win over those USC Trojans, only the 9th win against USC in the history of the rivalry. Wow, is that the REAL stat?

First of all, I am once again upset with the air quality of this podcast, but this time for a different reason. It’s almost laughable but after a long weekend of tweeking, my record settings reverted so I’m talking in a normal voice but my co-hosts are all talking as if they’re the only ones left in the Coliseum bugged up to microphones. I apologize and swear to god we’ll get this and a couple other fine tuning’s fixed in podcasts from now on so we can give you the best there is, but regardless this one is worth the listen.

Moving on, in today’s episode I’m joined by Korbin, George and Caleb. Of course we talk about the Cougar defensive effort in this game, along with what’s wrong with Trojans Qb’s (hint, we know first hand how flopping Qb’s works out). We also talk about the meaning of the win for Mike Leach and the program, Connor Halliday’s (and WR Vince Mayle’s) early struggles and some general college football.

Like I said, stadium speakers or no, it’s a fun listen. We’ll be back with you on Thursday for our preview of the Cougs’ home opener against FCS opponent Southern Utah with great sound and more great convo. Enjoy!

ACU Podcast Episode 4: Win at USC Trojans Recap