It's finally Saturday again! OMG! Seriously, it's always such a long week afte..."/> It's finally Saturday again! OMG! Seriously, it's always such a long week afte..."/>

Washington State Vs USC GameDay Huddle


It’s finally Saturday again! OMG! Seriously, it’s always such a long week after a loss and this week dragged!

GameDay Huddle is of course nothing more than my quick collection of thoughts before the college football Saturday really gets going. But today, don’t really care about ND/Mich under the lights. Don’t really care about the other uSC against Georgia. Florida/Miami is starting right about now, but NAH!

Today I’m just really feeling good about an upset later tonight in the Coliseum. Maybe it’s because USC doesn’t scare me like they used to. Or maybe the fact that Lame Kiffin is fumbling all over himself trying to decide on a quarterback. Or maybe it’s just that Washington State played really well (in this writer’s opinion minus a couple silly mistakes) last week in a very difficult environment and isn’t (at least yet) mired in a totally hopeless start to another season.

Ok, ok, I’m waffling. I’ll watch football all day til the Cougs and Trojans take the field because I’m a fan of the game and there’s nothing like college football. The fact that I remembered those games two paragraphs ago actually means I do care about them… a little bit. And I don’t have to think about the Huskies at all this week as they’re on a bye! See my smile?!

At any rate, I know USC is still USC, but after watching WSU go up and down the field last week I’m feeling mighty peachy. Don’t get it twisted Coug fans, many of you have droned on and on about how “the Cougs don’t look as good as the score indicated” and “Auburn was an awful team and we made them look better than they are”. I’ve even seen from several fans on CF.C that this team still looks like a 2-10 team!


I’m not going to go too much into that because that means your faith in this team is to beat Idaho and SSU and that’s it (which in my opinion means you didn’t pay attention to anything you actually saw last week, not just here, but around the conference).

But I’m not necessarily going to say that WSU will beat Southern Cal tonight either. Not because I’m wish-wash, just because I’m a smart guy. USC has talent and this guy named Marquise Lee. And we’re banged up in the secondary… you remember that 300 yard game by Lee last year?


But like I said, don’t get it twisted, this Cougar team is better than you skeptics want to believe and they DID indeed go up and down the field last weekend, but blew a couple key opportunities. I simply see tonight as a beautiful opportunity for an upset, based on the time of year we catch them and the fact that the Cougs have a TON of confidence after last week. Meanwhile the Trojans have confidence but still need to find their “team-spirit” and gel together. Hopefully this isn’t the week that happens.

Regardless I feel as if we’ll see a really good game again this week and I’m gonna be All Coug’d Up all day getting ready for this! My girlfriend tried to tell me I was going to miss some of the game for her mother’s birthday party… HAHAHA! Not even sort-of-maybe will that happen tonight!

A final note, Coug fans drank out an Auburn bar last week as you may have heard. Doubt they do it in LA, but win or lose, we try and make it a streak of two straight weeks! Maybe we can go undefeated here???

Go Cougs!