Week Two Pac 12 Football Power Rankings


The Pac-12 showed up well last week, but was 0-2 against major conferences. This is something that, for the good of the conference, needs to be remedied. There is no reason that week two should prove an undefeated out of conference collection of games for the Pac 12.

December 2, 2011; Eugene, OR, USA; Detail view of the endzone pylon with the Pac-12 logo during the third quarter of the Pac-12 Championship game between the UCLA Bruins and the Oregon Ducks at Autzen Stadium. The Ducks defeated the Bruins 49-31. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Here are this week’s power rankings for the Pac, as voted on by the ACU staff:

1. Oregon (1-0)

Eugene will attempt to burn Orange in effigy for the season. UVA and the Vols, and of course their ultimate nemesis, Coug fans with hunter safety orange. Oh, yeah, the Beavs.

2. Stanford (0-0)

Men of the Land of Tall Trees, begin this wait for attrition. Bear in mind, though, as you march through the Spartans, Cadets, and Devils, the consensus of NFL players on the noise factor present at the professional football stadium in Seattle. WSU fans descending upon the hapless Cardinal faithful. 70,000 Coug fans, that will certainly be fun.

3. UCLA (1-0)

Open suggestion to the UCLA roster on your bye week: Go out, get a surfboard, you’re living in LA for crying out loud.

4. USC (1-0)

Over/Under on the amount of minutes into the game that it takes me to get sick of the incessant USC band: 1:30

5. Washington (1-0)

Hey guys, Seattle’s a great town. Bye week, head down town, get in trouble. Come on, your tight end can be the designated driver.

6. Arizona (1-0)

Not much to learn last week against the Lumberjacks, but the Big Sky may prove a daunting yard stick for the Pac 12

7. Arizona State (0-0)

Kelly is an experienced QB and the Sun Devils are returning quite a few kids. This opening matchup won’t give us much to gauge ASU, but Wisconsin and Stanford sure will.

8. Washington State (0-1)

Great job in Alabama last week, SC is still languishing in their umbrella drinks and island girls. Apparently Kifffen put his mai tai down long enough to name Cody Kessler the QB. The Trojans are looking ahead to Max Browne at QB, and if things go right for the Cougs, we may see him by the second half.

9. Utah (1-0)

No games scheduled outside of the state of Utah until October. Nice work if you can get it.

10. Oregon State (0-1)

Well, if you can’t beat EWU, well, OSU, I just don’t want to know you.

11. Colorado (1-0)

Cheer up Colorado, the snow will be falling soon, you didn’t go to school in Boulder for the football, right?

12. Cal (0-1)

The battle of the smart kids did not go Berkeley’s way last week, but PDX State should prove enough of a hope to bolster the home crowd that can buy a ticket for $7.