Washington State Basketball: Uniform Reveal for 2013/2014 Season


WSU Athletics

Washington State is going all in on the Nike stenciled-back-jersey craze while sticking with the traditional front for the 2013/2014 and it’s very classy.

Washington State has historically had one of the least interesting looks to their b-ball uniforms, not only in the conference, but in all of college basketball. Ever since they paired up with Nike however, the Cougs have at least looked a little bit more modern while keeping the traditional straight-forward approach. This year, they expand on it a little bit more.

WSU Athletics has been under constant upgrade since Bill Moos arrived and we’ve seen all of the upgrades to the football program pay off in a better brand of athlete available. The goal is obviously to get basketball to that point as well and the past couple of years have been a step in the right direction. With the new football practice facilities going up and all of the major Martin Stadium renovations, basketball really won’t get the huge upgrades they need for at least another couple years.

Still, things like fancier jersey selection can weigh heavily into a recruits decision to even consider your school. Regardless of whether that’s a roll-your-eyes worthy thing or not as you grow older, the fact is a little flash is important to kids and playing for a school that looks good on tv. Personally, I love the new look as well with the fight song stenciled on the back.

So here you go Coug fans, the new jerseys have been revealed and Links are below.

White, Gray, Crimson, WSU Photo Alubum

Go Cougs!