Washington State Football: Kickoff Week Amp Up! (video)


The most exciting time before the College football season is upon us.  The week leading up to Kickoff!

High anticipation surrounds the Washington State Cougars this year to see if Mike Leach and Crew can put the disappointments of the previous season behind this organization.  In Mike Leachs least successful year as a head coach, the Cougars in 2012 went only 3-9 but that’s not the whole story and anyone close to this team knows that to be true.   The scars and tough times of Mike Leachs first season as a Washington State Cougar are through.  Now he leads a determined squad into 2013 and everyone around the program is ready!

Everything is different this year and Washington State looks to change their fortune.  I can feel change in the air and hopefully this Coug fans optimisms aren’t false hopes.  There are a lot of questions still to be answered and there is a lot of hope reinstalled in this program from interviews and preseason practices.  We will all be tuned in week 1 to see if progress has been made…  until then lets get amped up and ready to support this team through thick and thin as Coug fans only know how to do!

Go Cougs!