WSU Football Scrimmage 2: Odd Pairing Results In Freshman Tearing Up the Cougar Starting Secondary


River Cracraft.

Get to know the name folks, because the kid can play and play at a high level. Friday afternoon was R.C. Cola time, as River (playing with the 2’s and 3’s on a day when Leach mixed up the O vs D pairings) opened a can on the 1’s and 2’s. While that is pretty cheesy, it’s the best way to describe just what happened in the second scrimmage of the Fall season while the true freshman gallivanted all over the field to the tune of 144 yards on 6 catches, with touchdowns from 48 and 52 yards out.

That’s bad news for the starting secondary, more than good news for River, apparently. The kid said he hadn’t spoken to coaches but he was visually disgusted with his own performance on the day in the blocking game and continued to stress that “I missed several blocks today… I need to get better to help this team”.

With Rahmel Dockery gone, true freshman cornerback Charleston White moved up the ladder and made the most of the opportunity with the 3’s, picking off Connor Halliday for the only interception on the day in a 1-on-1 battle with Gabe Marks.

Interesting note in the secondary as senior Anthony Carpenter was once again with the 1’s at free safety alongside Deone Bucannon. With Damante Horton banged up after a hard fall Thursday on an interception, freshman Daquawn Brown (Cheetah) stepped back in with the 1’s with Nolan Washington on the other side. We’ll assume Horton gets his spot back at least momentarily when he’s ready in the next couple days (assuming the injury isn’t severe and Leach told us he was bending horseshoes Thursday night, so…), which potentially would make the Cougars’ secondary the oldest starting unit in the conference and likely nothing less than tied for the oldest in the country with 18 seasons of experience between them. An injury or slip-up and the unit gets a whole lot younger in a hurry and we potentially saw what that means yesterday, but veteranship in your secondary is a terrific way to start the season.

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Go Cougs!