WSU Football Recruiting: Linebackers Part 2 – MLB


In the second part of the two-part linebackers series breakdown of the 2014 class we look at the middle linebackers. In the 2013 class Mike Leach picked up one inside backer in Peyton Pelluer, 6-2, 225lbs,  as well as one other outside linebacker. The Cougars are on the younger side in the linebacker position with 16 on the roster. The cougars will graduate 6 linebackers in the next two years freeing up a lot of space for a freshman to come in and help make an impact.

Middle Linebackers

  • Michael Lazarus  

Berkeley HS, Berkeley, CA – 6’2″, 215 lbs

  • Josh Mabin  

Klein Oak HS, Spring, TX – 6’2″, 219 lbs

  • Chandler Leniu 

St. John Bosco HS, Bellflower, CA – 6’1″, 225 lbs

  • Xavier Ulutu  

Cathedral Catholic HS, San Diego, CA – 6’1″, 240 lbs

  • Serge Trezy (JUCO)  

Eastern Arizona, Thatcher, AZ – 6’2″, 195 lbs

The middle linebacker position at Washington State has been very young and has had their fair share of struggles over the past few years. The defense as a whole gave up over 33 points a game last season and the linebackers are a group that has some responsibility in that category. Giving up big late-down plays over the middle was a problem for Washington State throughout the whole season. With the addition of a few big time recruits the Cougars could be in a whole new position next time these scenarios come about.

Mike Leach is continuing his recruiting style with going after big and physical players. Like the outside linebackers all the middle backers are over 6 feet and, with the exception of Trezy who weighs 195, all are over 200 lbs.