WSU Football: Inside WR’s Coach David Yost Talks About Building a Family Through Trust


Sep 3, 2011; Pullman, WA, USA; Washington State Cougars running back Rickey Galvin (5) celebrates after scoring a touchdown with teammate tight end Andrei Lintz (87) during the first half against the Idaho State Bengals at Martin Stadium. Mandatory Credit: James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve had several articles recently that talk about the difference in culture and “family” attitude in the 2013 Cougars that wasn’t there in previous seasons. Coach Yost finally came out of seclusion for an interview with WSU athletics and man was it worth the wait! Some thoughts below but first go ahead and watch this guy coach and listen to his terrific thoughts on building a winner.

WSU Inside Receivers Coach David Yost Mic’d Up

Tell me that doesn’t get your competitive juices flowing! Favorite quote:

"Enthusiasm is free, enthusiasm is contagious!"

Then he goes on to explain what is a huge difference in this year’s Cougar team:

"Everybody cares about everybody and you spend a lot of time together. When you’re in that locker room together you want guys beside you that you can trust and those kinds of things. And it becomes a family and it becomes a group of guys that you care about. What you do is you start competing for guys on both sides of you instead of just competing for yourself… It’s a trust factor."

Just more evidence that the Cougs are growing as a team. Beyond what he said, I love what we see in that video from a coaching standpoint. We all knew he worked with quarterbacks at Missouri and it’s clear to me that coach Leach is just fine with him helping the quarterbacks or any other position as well as his own when he wants to.

Another point by this video, he doesn’t really look like someone who was totally burnt out on coaching less than 10 months ago, does he? I didn’t know much about him from Missouri so I can’t tell you exactly what he looked or sounded like at the end of his run with Gary Pinkell over there, but compared to what he cited as a reason for leaving the program he seems what I can only presume as re-vitalized and youthful (in coaching).

Obviously that’s significant because of the energy and responsiveness he brings to the team from the coaching staff. There aren’t any references to work ethic issues in this year’s team and that has to be due to the continued approach of the coaching staff, starting with Leach and the rest of his staff, and being further energized by Yost.

Good stuff from WSU Athletics. Hope you’re as ready as I am for this team to hit the field and show it off against Auburn!

Go Cougs!