In Preseason Debuts Marquess Wilson Impresses for Chicago Bears, Tuel to Play Significant Time for Buffalo Bills Today


May 10, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Bears wide receiver Marquess Wilson (10) runs a drill as he is pursued by safety Tunde Bakare (36) during the rookie minicamp on Friday. Mandatory Credit: Reid Compton-USA TODAY Sports

A couple “old” Cougs have or are suiting up this week for the first time in their preseason debuts. Marquess Wilson and Jeff Tuel are chief among them, as they have and will receive the most playing time by the end of today, respectively.

Wilson has been a hot topic discussion in Chicago since his round 7 pickup in the draft, particularly if his thin, wiry frame can stand up to the physicality of the NFL cornerbacks. His first preseason game was beyond solid. He ended up leading the team by catching 4 balls for a total of 82 yards… and he should’ve scored a touchdown but planted on the very edge of the white sideline paint when he dove towards the pylon on his 56 yard reception. He streaked across the field and took a crossing route from the backup quarterback and showed off that glorious breakaway speed in the open field.

Many keep hatin’ on him and saying “if he makes the team he could be alright”, but personally I still think he’s (at worst) the third biggest weapon the Bears possess. Long as he keeps his head on I don’t see any way he doesn’t make it and even possibly start as the No. 3 receiver. He may not be a Cougar fan favorite but despite his young mistakes and run ins with a coach he didn’t love I still enjoy watching him play the game because like him or not he’s really good.

For Jeff Tuel, he should play a whole lot today as the second stringer behind first round pick E.J. Manuel. Tuel may be the third string guy when it’s all said and done but has been at least temporarily moved up because of a freak injury to Kevin Kolb a few days ago when he slipped on a couple of mats between practice fields. Gotta believe the opportunity is more than Tuel could have asked for, especially after going undrafted. Being from the West Coast, we all know what a certain Russell Wilson did with his opportunity last season. Not saying Jeff is Russell, but he’s got a great opportunity to make a case for No. 2 on the roster.

By the way Jeff is wearing #8 for the Bills and Marquess is now #10 with the Bears.

Go Cougs!