WSU Football FanSpeak: Myriad Topics On Day 4 Of Fall Camp 8/5


Nov. 23, 2012; Pullman, WA, USA; Washington State Cougars student looks on against Washington Huskies during the first half at Martin Stadium. Mandatory Credit: James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

There’s a lot of chatter going on around the Cougar message boards on several interesting topics. Some updates on some of the more interesting news around Coug Nation.

 Recruit Marcus Griffin

Griffin was just recently offered by none other than Sarkisian and the Huskies. There is a little concern over the status of Griffin after the offer, but most of it is based off of remembering the whole Bishop Sankey saga of two seasons ago. If you remember, Sankey was a Coug commit and changed his allegiances to Husky purple and gold late in the cycle.

Don’t count on that being the case with Griffin. After talking to him a couple of times about a month ago, he is the farthest thing from touchable at this point in time. I mean it could happen… but I think this is an attempt by Sarkisian, not necessarily to steal Griffin away as much as to be able to say he offered and courted the young man if he indeed does (and he will) blow up at WSU. Griffin has been rock solid verbally about his commitment since he signed and still talks actively on twitter to other kids about coming to Wazzu. Hopefully that is still the case, we expect it is.

… Not to be overly confident, a few early wins this season would go a long ways to shoring this up so let’s get it done Cougs.

 QB Battle

With Halliday taking the majority of the reps in practice, the chatter for Apodaca has quieted to a low murmur, though I expect the wolves to bounce back into the discussion for Halliday’s head on the first sign of a bad day. On the plus side for Apodaca, he’s been very consistent when he’s gotten his chances and has shown great footwork, the one thing we know for sure is better than Halliday at this time. I think some common sense has set in and the general consensus at the moment is that Halliday probably gives the Cougs the best chance to win at Auburn. Duh.

 Vince Mayle

The highly touted (and sized) Vince Mayle is as big as any CB in the conference can handle at 6’3″, 238. There is a small growing concern for his drops in the first few days of camp though as it has been a constant point of discussion. How many drops we don’t know but it’s enough that it’s been talked about. Good news for Coug fans is that it seems he’s the only one having issues at this time, as opposed to last year when it seemed like everyone had the dropsies. Probably attribute this to unfamiliarity and a difference in game speed from the JC ranks. In probably another week I expect Mayle to be moving his way up the depth chart in a hurry.

 Deone Bucannon

Bucannon’s size has been a topic for discussion. Up 17 lbs to 215 he looks like a bully out there for a safety. DC Mike Breske told reporters the linebacker coaches wanted him and Breske told them “no way”. I think last season receivers respected “Buc”, but this year they will fear him.

 Chester Su’a and Matt Meyer 

These two have yet to report to camp. Meyer can easily be qualified as having qualification issues (no pun intended). That may or may not be true but it’s the most likely scenario for him that we can surmise. Su’a on the other hand is a real mystery and there’s a growing chance he may not show up at all to return to the team. Certainly we hope that he does, but missing the first 3-4 days is crucial, especially if you’re fighting for backup playing time as a junior. Yikes.