Before we say anything, it's very early, let's not forget that. But at the same..."/> Before we say anything, it's very early, let's not forget that. But at the same..."/>

WSU Fall Camp Notes Day 2: Daquawn Brown Seems To Be the Real Deal, Very Little Doubt About QB Starter


Before we say anything, it’s very early, let’s not forget that. But at the same time it might be time start etching some pencil marks on the depth chart for a vet on offense and a frosh defensive player.

Connor Halliday thoroughly dominated the snaps on Saturday, mostly showing command and leadership throughout practice. It also looks to me like Halliday has cut down his strides just a little bit (even since Spring) which has sped up his release and given him a little more command of the football. Some of that may be the confidence of reps, trusting his reads and receivers as opposed to trying to fit everything in with his cannon of an arm. It also could have a lot to do with the shoulder pads being off, so we’ll see if it changes at all going into pad days, starting tomorrow.

On the other side of the ball, “Cheetah” was back at it again, nabbing two passes off Cougar quarterbacks and chatting it up to the distaste of the offense. Bobby Ratliff sounded off against him and the two tussled for a brief moment. Freshman have a tendency to get on your nerves as an upperclassman when they come in jabbering, that’s just what happened here.

The two picks were probably a result of more reps at the corner position in day 2. You’ll remember he got a single “Oski” on Friday and was so good he jumped straight into the second team on Saturday. Great news if you’re a Coug fan, cause this is exactly what we’ve been hearing about since he committed and if it comes to fruition that he’s indeed ready to step into a starting role against Auburn excitement levels for him will be through the roof. One step at a time though, Nolan Washington, Damante Horton and Anthony Carpenter are all vying for the spots as well and if they hold on I’d say excitement for any of them finally living up to expectations should be equally as high.

Xavier Cooper talked about bowl chances (errr… guaranteed a bowl game) for this team. You can look at the exact quote HERE on Cougfan, but my goodness that is bold! Also, it brings an ear-to-ear grin to my face. The confidence on this team is higher than any I’ve seen or heard since the ’03 Holliday Bowl squad and it’s simply invigorating.

As previously mentioned, the pads go on day 3 (today), but full contact won’t happen till Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on which is day 5 (applicable if Leach and company decide to rest a day). There are more notes to be had on Sunday, so stay tuned.