Five Thoughts On Sunday Blog: Washington State Sports 7/14


Nov. 12, 2011; Pullman, WA, USA; Washington State Cougars football helmet sits during the game against the Arizona State Sun Devils at Martin Stadium. Mandatory Credit: James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

For a multitude of reasons, it’s time to start this series of my Sunday blog thoughts. I’m beginning this for a multitude of reasons, including expressing my feelings along with wanting to speak freely about my Cougs on a Sunday, which is probably the best time especially during football season. There probably won’t be a whole lot (if any) of thought put into the order of which I post these things that I think but I know there will be some “thought put into them”, or at least as much as can be put into random topic. Fair warning, I’m basically putting my mind on the page so it won’t always be positive banter and I may use true blog-lingo, just like a blog should be. Anyway, here’s the first of hopefully many…

On Bashing Our Own…

I know I’m probably stepping on some toes when I say not all of us are as loyal to our fellow Cougs as we so willingly admit, but I don’t care because I think some of us need to hear it. In fact when we get bashed by multiple fellow Cougs in a Coug-centric forum for trying to incite conversation about our football team or talk about our rivals it tends to make me wishy-washy on the whole “loyalty” thing. I’m not talking negative reflex to the conversational topic at hand either. Certain things are relate-able topics to fans who might care, certain things aren’t. If you’re in the “aren’t” crowd, just don’t read it, don’t talk about it. If you generally or directly don’t care just bypass it for something you care about. Don’t drive a wagon full of jackasses by commenting that you don’t care.

For example I brought up the apparently incredibly audacious topic of the Husky uni-watch this past week (with not a whole lot going on in the WSU sports universe and having to meet quotas and such I do occasionally go outside of the realm of the holy grail of Cougardom) and several people jumped me for even mentioning it. Heck, if I’d have been in front of them they’d have straight put on their WSU hoodies and beat me with their WSU paddles, it was apparently that evil! Well I’ll tell ya what, I don’t care if you don’t like uni-watch or don’t care about the topics of Husky-happenings… I stick out my tongue and give you a raspberry! If you’d have read the whole thing I put a Wazzu uni-update in there too because I never write about the purple and gold without adding something about the Crimson and Gray. But yeah, bash away smart guy, cause you’re the only one who reads the blog and has an opinion on the content!

*Can I say that felt good?! Seriously, is that allowed? After all, I just bashed a few people myself 😉 Guess I just wanted to know how it feels to fight back and I’m ok with the result (hahaha). But yeah, I’m not advocating it. Like any smart parent would say;

"Don’t ever follow that example… that was a bad example. It’s not nice!"

On Martin Stadium and WSU in NCAA Football 14…

I’m totally blown away by the fact that the EA design team actually included the new press box (well everything but the facade which must have gone up after the scan) in NCAA 14! I wasn’t ready for that, since they never work on getting WSU right before the other major teams of the conference. It’s like we’re the red-headed (no pun intended) step child or something. Like I said, the facade is missing which makes it look a bit weird but still the idea is there. Thanks EA team! Now if we could just get you to update the dreadful attempt at our uniforms, which have been wrong each of the last 3 seasons since they came out!!! Gray facemasks people! Gray facemasks! Just like the picture above!

So hopeful for a uniform store update in this area!

By the way I am LOVING this game! Correct duds or not, best game of new gen imo 2-1! If you’re on the fence, jump off and buy it.

On Coug Football Commits Thus Far…

Even though we’ve seen 8 to this point (which is the most ever by this point for the Cougs IIRC) I can’t wait for the next one! I really get antsy for the news of new Cougar bloodlines this time of year. That’s probably meaningless to some people but I really crave my football! By the way, I should probably start jumping back on NFL Network for my NFL news… Yeah, good thought!

On Twitter…

Actually I haven’t been. I’ll be getting back on as the football season approaches to hopefully have some fun with all ya’ll.

On the Rest of the Month Here on ACU and Coming Up On Football Season…

I am apologizing in advance for what could be a slow couple of weeks here at ACU. Between ailing relatives, general family vacation time, NCAA 14 😉 and other personal issues that have been plaguing me for what seems like forever, well it could be a bit slower than usual. I usually have this personal lull about 2 months before football season where everything goes wrong that somehow comes up every year and this year I guess is no different. Also the rest of the team is busy busy right now. It’s ok though, not to use excuses! We’ll keep trudging and keeping you as updated as we can and come August we should be full boar into Cougar football mania.

Like you I can’t wait for August 31st in Alabama!