Wazzu Commit Marcus Griffin Chats With All Coug’d Up


Marcus Griffin Twitter photo flexin’ for Max Preps Photo Shoot at NFTC

Big Washington State commit Marcus Griffin out of Bellevue High is one of the baddest football linemen in the state of Washington, but he’s also by all accounts a stand-up kid and an intriguing personality off the football field. Since committing the big man has been on a mission to help secure the best recruiting class in the history of Washington State for 2014. All Coug’d Up got the chance to talk to him about that and more over the weekend in an exclusive interview. Part of the conversation is below, while you can look forward to hearing the entire conversation in audio on Wednesday.

ACU: You must get all kinds of questions about recruiting (both laugh), but what’s the recruiting process been like for you? What’s you’re favorite thing about Washington State and how have they treated you?

MG: I think it’s just my whole communication with the coaches. You don’t have to talk to them just about football, you can talk with them about pretty much anything.

ACU: Was there any other school besides Washington State that you were thinking about at any time or has WSU pretty much been it?

MG: They’ve basically been it. I mean other schools have offered but no one’s put as much effort forth in communication as Wazzu has.

ACU: In getting ready for your senior season, what are you personally going to work on and what are your team goals?

MG: My goal is probably to work on my technique for offense and defense. Then our team goal is to get the things done to figure out what we want ourselves to be.

ACU: You guys are going for a state title I imagine?

MG: Yeah we are.

So there you have a bit of our conversation. By the way Marcus was on his way back from the Nike Football Team Camp in Eugene, Oregon when we talked. He was humble about this fact and never mentioned it in our conversation but he had just got done securing even more consideration all over the Northwest as an elite prep prospect by spanking all competition thrown in his direction:

Gotta be proud for the big guy and Cougar faithful can’t wait to get him in a crimson and gray uniform in 2014. Again, look out for the audio of the full interview in a couple days because there’s definitely more interesting comments from Marcus, including what he wants to be remembered for by his community and some mentoring that he’s taken on recently! We’ll also have an announcement you won’t want to miss for All Coug’d Up!

Go Cougs!