Washington State Football 2013 Amp Up Video!


Nightmares shouldn’t scare you, they should inspire you to achieve your dreams!  In 2012 the Cougars struggled all season for positives.  Even the early two wins vs Eastern Washington and UNLV were dampend due to the fact we almost lost to two of the teams we were supposed to blow out.

Things reached rock bottom when the Cougars lost to Colorado at home in the most disheartening of ways.  The loss to Colorado was the worst loss in recent memory for the Cougars dating all the way back to the last time Washington State lost to Idaho in the 2000-2001 season followed by an even worse loss to UW in the same year, when the Cougars lost at home 51-3.  The Cougars season continued to be a dissapointment when week after week the Cougars would either go down by a big deficit early and climb back up to lose close at the end, or compete early with a team they should’ve never had a chance with, only to fall off and lose big in the end.  The season was one giant Nightmare and the Cougars just couldn’t wake up.

Washington State soon learned the key wasn’t waking up but turning the Nightmare into a dream. When the Nightmares seemed to have no end, Washington State took the field for their final game of 2012 vs the number 25th ranked Washington in the Apple Cup.  The Cougars showed their ability  to play with a lot of teams early but when the second half kicked off the Nightmare continued as Washington got out to a huge 28-10 lead.  Turnover after Turnover for the Cougs as they continued to struggle slowly wore on the hearts of the fan base but luckily did not break them.

As the Fourth quarter began, so did the Cougars Dreams.  Washington State slowly crawled back into the game and with a little bit of good luck, the game went to overtime where the Cougars used everything they had left to fight their way to victory.  The struggles were finally over and the Cougars were rewarded for never quitting, for never letting their Nightmares break them but instead making them inspiration to achieve their dreams.

Washington State looks to continue the dream and have a bowl bound season next year, the only question is, are you ready to support these guys through thick and thin next year?  Of course you are! You’re Coug fans and Coug fans never quit, they never silence! So sit back enjoy the video and get ready for 2013! Go Cougs!